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TG Miss Crossdresser Makeovers And TG Transformations

I would Like to thank all of the Fans of TG Miss

It has been our pleasure to serve the Crossdressing Community since 2006

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we will not be reopening  … Missy

TG Miss Crossdressing Services Offered

TG Miss Crossdressing Services Offered Please note: We only book 2 shoots / lessons per week. This keeps the TG Miss experience fun for our staff and fresh for our clients.

The Full Experience $600 / $700 / $800

The Full Experience is 6 – 8 hour crossdresser makeover that includes: consultation, professional makeup, wardrobe, wigs, jewelry and props. During an average photoshoot more than 500 hi-res photos are taken. You get to take them home that day. A lite snack and beverages are included. Full Experience pricing starts at $600.00for 6 hours. Additional time can be purchased at a rate of $100.00 / hour. In a 6 hour shoot, normally 3 outfits are shot, each additional outfit takes around 45 minutes. The Full experience works best on Saturdays. We are happy to provide this service any day of the week except Sundays.

Mini Shoot $300.00

A Mini shoot is a scaled back version of the Full Experience. It’s  a nice value  but better suited for returning customers. It includes consultation, professional makeup (less detailed than the Full Experience), wardrobe, wigs, jewelry and props. The average mini-shoot produces around 200 hi-res photos.  You take  digital copies home that day. Beverages are included. pricing starts at $300.00. A Mini Shoot last about 3 hours and 1 or 2 outfits are shot, additional time can be purchased at $100.00 /hour. These shoots are done week nights 6 – 9, Other times maybe possible on a case by case basis.

Makeup Lessons $300.00

Makeup lessons teach stage quality mtf transformation techniques. In this 2+ hour instruction of basic makeup techniques you will learn foundation and contouring. We also teach eye makeup application, lipstick, eyeliner and eyebrow techniques. Makeup photos, and a makeup chart are supplied as well. You can request that record the lesson on video. We will also help you compile a list of the right makeup products for you. The products we use in the studio are designed for theatrical and TV use. our products may not be suitable for day wear, but we will steer you in the right direction for everyday use. These shoots are done weeknights 6 – 9, Other times maybe possible on a case by case basis. Makeup lessons may also be done at the beginning of regular shoot. Just ask us, we will make something work for you.

All Lessons and Photos Shoots require a $200.00 deposit.

You can book your services online using the “Book Now” button. All the information you need will be supplied after your booking is complete. You can always book your TG Miss service by calling the studio (262) 404-5278 or by e-mail