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Body Angle Poses

When we talk about body angles, we are speaking of angle of your body in relation to the camera. In most cases we want to make a girl look smaller, to accomplish this we turn the girl, offering the camera less to see. Along with making the girl look smaller, changing angles adds variety and interest to your photos. Angles would seem to be obvious, but you might be surprised how many girls are content to face the camera head on like a deer in headlights. Take time to think about what might be your better side. Some angles are going to be more flattering than others. We will take time to explore your angles with you.

… Missy

Angles by Degrees

Turning your body one direction or another is the first step to creating a nice angle to photograph. In most cases we will want you to be showing ” Camera Focus ” this means you will have to turn your upper torso, head or at least eyes to the camera.

When you use body angles you want to follow the line of your body, Here we see Christine moving her hands to compliment her bodies angle.

Profile Angles

Profile angles are just like Angle by Degree, this is simply more of an extreme of angle. Here we see Missy turning a foot, her upper torso and her bright smile to the camera.

I hope you have noticed the nice touch of side hem play.

Back Angle or Over the Shoulder

To make this angle look nice you have to have a good deal of flexibility and a good figure doesn’t hurt.

This pose adds a great extra flare to Tammy’s photos. If you’ll practice this pose it can pay nice dividends in phenomenal images. A mirror is a must in practicing this and many poses.