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Chair Poses

Chair poses are much like stool poses. A chair has the added element of a chair back. More often than not I like to use the back as a place to rest my arm creating a softer line. Chairs are a nice posing aid. Use them to help perfect your leg positions and remember they are a great way to incorporate hem play.

… Missy

Cross Under

The cross under is one of many poses you can do on a chair, here the chair is at a 45 degree angle and our model faces forward. notice how her legs are together and her left brought under her right.

Calf Cross

The calf cross can be accomplished in a number of seated positions. Rather than crossing her legs at the knees, here Kelly chooses an easier and more relaxed pose.

Notice how Kelly has he legs together and away from the camera. Also notice how she is offering the camera a good amount of negative space between her body and arms.

Leg Under

With a little extra flexibility you can move into this interesting pose. Finding a position where your back foot can be seen is a plus. We want to avoid looking like an amputee if at all possible.

This is just one more example of how you can move your body and legs on a chair to create great poses.

Chair as a Prop

While a chair is great to pose in, it is also a nice tool to add interest to a photo. Un less it is sheer scenery, when you add a chair to a photo, it is important to touch it. A chair like this can be used as an aid for a difficult to execute pose.

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how to pose with chair as a prop