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Your Eyes and Posing

It is said “The Eyes are the Window to the Soul”. If you have ever had a shoot at TG Miss, you have heard the expression “Big Eyes”. This is something we say over and over. So many times, especially with older clients we have to remind them to really open their eyes. I am not sure why it is but I am certain as we age, we just don’t open our eyes as wide. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, can people see my eyes? all of my eyes? Wether you are young old, if you can remember to show us big eyes you will hear a lot less of “Big Eyes”

… Missy

Eyes Up

Now that we have your eyes open, we want you to do things with them. One of the more interesting eye positions is “eyes up”

We ask you to focus on the ceiling above you. This little trick can give a whole new look to a pose you have done before. Things are looking up when you can master this little skill.

There are many other things we will ask you to do with your eyes, but the main thing to remember is to keep your eyes wide open and try to focus on whatever you happen to be looking at

Soft Focus

When your eyes are bright, but slightly averted, you give a look that I would call a “soft focus” .

You are not peering into the depths of someone’s soul, but there is no doubt you are watching them. It might be called a smoldering glare or something similar.

Remember your eyes say so much about the girl, Its is good to practice looking at the camera with different levels of intensity.