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Focus when you are posing

So how do you get focus when you are on stage at TG Miss? There are a few methods that certain models use. Casey likes to look into the camera lens and watch for the shutter to open. I like to look at my image in the mirror and take note of facial details. It is that type of concentration that produces focus. Leigh will hold up a blinking LED toy for clients, so they have something easy to focus on. Others girls look at the video replay screen and admire their previous photo.

There isn’t any one thing to do to gain focus. It takes concentration, you can’t be on stage and going through the motions. Pay close attention to the instructions that are given to you. There is a count down timer to let a client know when the next photo is going to be taken. When that counter hits 2 focus on an element of the stage surroundings. We will work with you at your shoot to help you find focus. If you come to your shoot understanding the concept of focus, you will be able to find it.


Focus is seen in the yes of the model. When a model shows good focus you can see she is alert. You can tell that she is looking right into the camera or has a strong visual focus on something in her surroundings.

Focus makes the model look like she is there with you. You can see a bright recognition in her eyes.

No Real Focus

Christine Olivia is a client who really grasped the principle of focus. Take a look at these 2 photos, while both photos are nice, in the photo on the right you can almost feel our models presence. The eyes on the left seemed to be glossed over. She must have been daydreaming at the moment the camera fired.


Beautiful Focus

Do you your best to get a good nights sleep before you visit the studio. Be prepared to have fun and to be challenged to focus on the work of creating beautiful art.