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Hand Positions used in Posing

It seems most every girl who comes to TG Miss has little or no idea what to do with their hands. Our main answer is to hide them. Well not exactly hide them but to minimize their appearance by angles and partial hiding. We don’t want you to look a a person with no hands, but a girl without big guy hands. This is a lot easier than you might think. Take a look below, here are just a few examples of ways to hide your hands. As you practice hand positioning always remember the idea

… Missy

Hand Backs

So here we go minimizing our hands. See how Kelly has her hands with the backs facing the camera while hiding the majority of her hands. The level of each hand can be moved to add variety. One important thing in positioning our hands is that we want to see the space between our bodies and arms. This is called “Negative Space” and is very important.


The key to the welcome hand position is to show mostly the edge of the hands and less of the palms. Wendy has small hands so it is not as much of an issue as it would be for clients with larger hands.

Welcome is a great starting position from which we can move into many variations.

Hands on Hips

One of the most natural poses for girls is to place their hand on the hips. The bigger your hands, the more you will want wrap your palms behind you exposing only fingers. Be sure to keep good negative space between your body and arms.

You can display a number of moods with your body language of this pose. You can show anything from sheer delight or an extreme attitude with this versatile pose.

Praying hands are one of the more feminine ways to display your hands in full view. Again the key is to show the edges of your hands and overlap your finger just like Alice is doing in this photo.