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Head and Face positions in posing

How we position our head would seem to be a pretty straight forward subject. But that’s the problem ! Most girls want to keep their head held high looking forward into their fate. Photographs are so much more interesting if we use a variety of head positions. We are constantly telling a girl to raise or lower their head, but there are so many other positions to be considered. The Good Lord gave you a neck, and we are going to try and get you to use it

… Missy


something as simple as the tilt of the head can add such variety to our photos. It is amazing how many girls are dumb struck when we ask them to tilt their heads.

If you are not used to tilting your head and try you might get a stiff neck. I suggest you take a little time in the mirror getting used to moving your head from side to side. It shouldn’t be so unfamiliar that you forget to smile.

Into the Distance

There is a nice dramatic effect when we see a person looking into the distance. We know she is there, but we wonder what mysteries is she pondering. When we give the viewer of our photos a moment to pause and consider our photo, we have accomplished something.

It takes a bit of concentration, but if you focus on a spot off to the left or right you can get this wonderful effect.


You would think its pretty obvious what the phrase “turn your head” means, however, you would be surprised how many times the terms turn and tilt are confused. In this photo, Dana is turning to her left and giving us a slight tilt.

Yes, the two positions are used together. I hope I am not coming across as condescending. My intention is anything but. When a girl gets on stage, she is in a new place she has never been. It seems to have a disorienting effect.

If you get used to the idea of listening and being ready to be our little posable doll this will work out beautifully.