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Hem Play (Contemporary)

Few things can add femininity to a photo like the display of the hem line of your dress or skirt. Hem play can add elegance or make a photo flirty. Remember when you are using hem play to hold the hem gently and it’s not what you show, it’s what you almost show.

… Missy

Hem Play Side

Hem Play works best with an “A-Line”dress. hold the hem of the dress gently with your fingers. I prefer using my index and middle finger, but so long as your grip is delicate it will be fine. Lift and extend the hem away from you. Generally extend the hem to the side, however great affect can be achieved with other angles. The longer the hem, the further out you can extend it. Each hem line is different, some look best with a light drape and others with a crisp tautness.

Not only does this make the dress appear even more feminine, it also gives you something to do with one of your hands. If you practice this technique (a mirror helps) it will look like a natural position for you.

Two Handed Hem Play

If you have a nicely full A-Line skirt, you can extend the hem with both hands. The two handed hem extension is great at helping to hide hands while showing a definitely feminine demeanor. Remember to grip the fabric delicately and don’t stretch it beyond its normal bounds.


The curtsey is considered one of the most feminine and subservient positions one can take. To perform a proper curtsey, you should grasp the dress softly and lower yourself in a bobbing movement. Here Missy executes a perfect curtsey while creating a lovely pose.

Sitting Hem Play

One way to make a seated pose even sexier is to incorporate some hem play. Hike that skirt up a bit, don’t show them your knickers, show lots of leg. Remember it isn’t what you show that drives them wild.