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Kneeling when you pose

Kneeling, as a pose is not heavily used at TG Miss. Not because it lacks the points of a bonafide pose. I think it is used less because of the stage style in the main studio. As we expand into more conventional sets in the coming months i think you will see the kneeling poses used more at TG Miss.

… Missy

On One Knee

One of main reason we use kneeling poses is to make our client look smaller. The principles used in other poses apply to kneeling poses as well.

You should try to be as vertical as possible. Find a comfortable position as you might be down there for a while. We will change hand positions and head direction and tilt.

The Knee Prop

The knee prop is identical to on one knee but we insert a very short platform under the planted knee.

Adding the platform helps make out subject taller and works with many of the longer dresses and skirts.

If you have trouble with kneeling, we wont ask you to perform this interesting pose.