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Best Shoes for Posing

We carry a variety of women’s shoes from size 6 to 16. In most cases we can find a pair of shoes that will fit you reasonably well. It is difficult enough to master the poses in this series, but if your shoes don’t fit you comfortably and properly, you give yourself a large handicap.

… Missy

Finding a good fitting pair of shoes is not the easiest of tasks. I would suggest you make a small investment into decent foot for practicing the poses in the series. Is it required, well no! But, you will thank yourself for the effort when you are able no navigate the TG Miss stage with ease.

So what shoes does Missy like? LeDame is a great shoe, it’s a little pricey but its a woman’s shoe made to fit a man. Payless’s Comfort Plus by Predictions are affordable and available to size 13. If you have a little nerve they will happily fit you in a Pay less store. There are several options out there, but a good pair of shoes will go a long way to making posing a task you can accomplish.

What type of shoes should you buy? well I guess it depends how good you are in heels. Beginners should probably stat in flats and work up to a heel that you can be comfortable in. Beyond comfort, you should be able to move in them easily without fear of falling. With practice, and this is what this series is all about, most everyone should be able to handle 2-3 inch heels. This skill set is not learned over night, take your time and this should be fun.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you can only look great in sky scraper heels. While those look great, a confident pose in a lower heel will always look better. There are so many things to remember when posing, if your feet are certain it will be much easier to master all of the other small details needed to create truly exquisite photos.