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Smiling and Posing

Smiles … They are so important ! You would not believe how many girls tell us they don’t know how to smile. What is even more disconcerting is how many say they refuse to smile. Now a smile does not always mean a big toothy grin. more often than not it’s just the act of opening your mouth and letting a few teeth show.

We can teach you to smile, we have taught more girls than you would ever believe -even a few professional actors. How they made a living without smiling I’ll never know, but that’s another story.

Before I tell you how to smile, I want to tell you why it is so important. The right smile (and you all can do it right if you try) will take years off your appearance. A smile softens the face. The makeup we do at TG Miss is meant to soften your features into something more feminine than what you came through the door with. When you give a smile you are inviting the viewer of your photo to see just what a pretty girl you are. You have heard of a “winning smile”… you are winning the viewers of your photos. Or, you can look at it the opposite way out … you don’t want to look glum, frumpy or unfriendly. We have been trained to see beautiful women as open and friendly, a smile takes you one step closer to beauty.

One last point before we get to the meat of the lesson. You don’t have to smile all the time! In fact we often have to ask a girl to soften her smile. A big toothy grin can add laugh lines and wrinkles no one likes to see. I know the older I get the softer a smile I need to give for the camera. Beyond that, a pout or sneer or snarl can be darn sexy. So, the smile isn’t everything, however it is your best choice for a facial expression.

… Missy

When we teach someone to smile, we tell them to place their tongue behind their top teeth. The tongue should not be be sticking between the upper teeth, just lightly behind it. Your top and bottom teeth should be touching. Some people have a wonderful open mouthed smile, but if that were the case you wouldn’t need to learn how to smile.

Now start to open your lips, the wider you open your lips the wider your smile. There is no right or wrong amount your lips should be open. Try to find a lip position that feels natural. Some girls show bottom teeth, other don’t. Practice this in the mirror and with time you will have a beautiful winning smile.

If your dental work is less than perfect, it is much harder to convince yourself that your smile is worth giving. Even the worst dental work looks better with a soft smile than without. If you work at a toothless smile, that can go a long way.

Different facial expressions are important. Don’t be afraid to practice a smirk, snarl or any other number of expressions. They all add variety to your photos. I have taken literally millions of photos. A smile always wins.

I offer these photos, the same pose one with a smile one without, you choose which girl you would wrather be.

Pretty but No Smile
Much Prettier !

I certainly do not want to imply that you can’t have great photos without smiling. We have a few clients who look terrific without smiling, but I will tell you it takes an expressive face. If you are determined not to smile, please put in the effort like Akiko does. The right facial expression can replace a smile with wonderful results.