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Basic Poses with Stools

Stools are probably the easiest furniture to pose on. They are extremely versatile and offer so many options in posing a girl. Most of our stools swivel so a little caution needs to be taken. Poses on a stool range from a simple perch to what is darn near acrobatics. If you can practice simple stool poses, you will enhance your photos with great seated shots.

… Missy

Knee Cross Over

There are a few things to remember when posing on a stool. Because you are more than likely going to be posing in a dress or skirt, keep your legs together.

The cross over is the most common way we see ladies sitting. It is however not all that easy. It does take practice and with practice you can face the camera without showing your knickers or worse something else.

45 Degree

Stools are a great way to show of your beautiful legs. Here we see Kelly comfortably on a stool.

There are a few things to note about her pose, 1 her legs are together, 2 she is seated at angle to the camera ensuring the completeness of her modesty. Note how she is using hem play to make the pose a little more flirty she has her eyes wide open and a nice smile.

Side Saddle

There are so many variations to how you can pose on a stool. The names we give the poses are not as important as the fact that you begin to realize there are so many great ways to sit.

In this pose our model is succeeding at making herself look smaller. her legs are together and she has added a nice ankle cross.

The Stool Foot Rest

Most stools have 1 or more foot rests. While it is not required that you use the foot rest, it does add for a variety of poses.

The foot rest is a great way to show off your heels and achieve some flattering angles.