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About TG Miss


TG Miss was established in 2005 by Melisa Amy Ellis the owner. Melisa was to say at least ”fanatical” about taking great photos of herself. She invested a great deal of time and money into equipment, wardrobe, makeup and training.  As she flourished in her craft of male to female transformation, it became evident that she could help others. By helping others she was able perfect her craft while providing a revenue stream to invest in better equipment and more feminine treasures.


When Melisa invited the first visitor to the TG Miss studio, the original goal was and remains the same today; to give clients “the best girl day of your life”. The studio has been referred to as a “theme park for cross-dressers” by more than one client. Like any good theme park, the attractions keep getting better and better. We understand the difficulty many people have committing large portions of their income to their “special hobby”. To help with costs, the staff at TG Miss does not take a regular salary. The funds collected go to cover the considerable overhead that goes into maintaining and upgrading a studio of this size.


When you book a shoot at TG Miss the staff dedicates the day to you. We only do 1 shoot a day. We prefer to photograph only one person. Our attention is fixed squarely on the client. Every girl deserves to have this special day to herself.  Our shoots are 100% private, you don’t need to be afraid that someone off of the street can walk in on your special day. We do allow someone to accompany you if you so choose, but the focus will be on the client.

What you want out of your shoot is very important to us. Every shoot starts with a consultation where we will find out what you want to accomplish, what you want to look like, what style and color of clothing you like best. We invite the client to be involved as much as she wants to be in the designing of her look. Some girls want to be lead into the pink fog, while others have a clear idea of the girl they want to see developed. The shoot focuses on you the client, be assured we will do all we can to achieve the goals and aspirations of the girl of the day.

Apples and Oranges

TG Miss has evolved into arguably the best TG / Cross-dressing makeover and photography Studio in the United States. There are innumerable  numbers of people who can take your photo. Every one has a camera these days and with the advent of digital photography and in particular DSLR cameras many amateurs are able to take really great photos. The number of skilled makeup artist is significantly less then decent photographers, but finding both of these skills on a professional level in the same location narrows the field to less then 100 establishments nationwide. TG Miss goes far beyond makeup and photography. With over 2000 outfits in sizes 0 to 28, hundreds of wigs and heels, not to mention jewelry to match any out, The most stunning backgrounds anywhere and professional model coaching… There simply is no match to the TG Miss Studio.

 Studio Home

The TG Miss Studio is located in South East Wisconsin off of Hwy 94 between Chicago and Milwaukee. Several thousand square feet comprise our little salon. State of the art lighting, sound and environmental controls assure a safe and comfortable experience. We have on site laundry and shower facilities should you need that accommodation. To assure the privacy of all of our patrons the address is supplied after a photo shoot is booked with a deposit.

We hope you will visit the TG Miss studio and  enjoy the “best girl day of your life”. If you have any question feel free to e-mail Missy or call the studio at 262-404-5278.

TG Miss Studio
Transgender Makeover and photography
transgender makeover and photography
TG Miss Studio
TGM Studio,greater Milwaukee- Telephone No.262-404-5278
We provide Makeovers , studio and location photography to transgendered and cross-dressing individuals. Our aim is to make a photoshoot TG Miss Studio "The best girl day of your life".
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