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About TG Miss

Hello fans and friends of TG Miss.  I would like to first of all thank all of you who have visited the studio and our website over the years. We had some pretty good times. Shooting clients like Doreen, Christine Olivia, Kelly and oh so many more than I could possibly name here was a total blast. 

Two things happened. COVID and Time . COVID made it  impossible to have shoots, but it made our other business much more successful.  We went from 2 employees to 12. Those 12 people now depend on working at our facility to support their families. I would be selfish of us to  cut their work week short to have a  TG Miss Photo-shoot.

Time happened as well. I  have been doing this since 2005, and to be honest it just isn’t as much fun as it used to be.  Most of  the times shoots were still fun, but it  was a drudgery doing everything to get ready for shoot. I recently did a shoot for a very special girl. It took Leigh and I over 20 hours to get the studio into shoot condition.  It’s  not worth it and so I must tell you all that party is over.

Marci and I are planning to keep the site up  as a video and photo archive. The site should morph into its new form over the coming months. Please don’t send me emails telling me how I owe it to the community. I have had far to many people try to guilt me into  reopening the studio.

We are not going to come to your home  or hotel room to do your makeup. We are not going to sell you  dresses from our stock. (That would feel like buzzards picking over a dead corpse.) We aren’t doing makeup lessons, we are closed.

I will however try to open up communications a little bit. you can reach me at


TG Miss was established in 2005 by Melisa Amy Ellis the owner. Melisa was to say at least ”fanatical” about taking great photos of herself. She invested a great deal of time and money into equipment, wardrobe, makeup and training.  As she flourished in her craft of male to female transformation, it became evident that she could help others. By helping others she was able to perfect her craft while providing a revenue stream to invest in better equipment and more feminine treasures. 2020 Brought COVID 19 to the USA and an End to TG Miss Studio. We hope to provide a photo archive for fans of TG and Crossdressing photography.