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TG Miss Makeover Details

A TG Transformation and photoshoot at TG Miss is a well orchestrated event. We have taken time to perfect a plan to give a crossdresser makeover that we would like to call “the best girl day of your life”. Our system is flexible and is designed to meet the needs of the individual.

This is your day; we don’t plan other things or involve other people. No one is going to walk in on your shoot. We leave plenty of time to allow you to extend your shoot. I can’t stress enough how this is your day. We are going to do everything we can do to make it the most wonderful and unforgettable day of your girl life.

Our Studio is located in a large industrial building with several entrances. We will personally meet you at your car and escort you to the Studio. We will provide all the information you need to arrive on time when you book your transformation.

After we have helped you carry any items you may have brought with you into the studio, we will take all of your belongings into your private dressing room. There is hanger space, cupboards and counter tops to arrange everything. We want to make sure that we use the things you wish to be photographed in.

After we deposit your luggage in your dressing room, we will give you a brief tour of the studio. By the end of the day TG Miss will feel like home. There are several areas, 2 bathrooms, hair and heel room, a huge wardrobe closet, makeup area, kitchen, lounge and shoot area. The formal studio is 4000 sq. feet, there is an additional large exterior studio for conventional and industrial style photography.

Throughout the day there will be many opportunities to take a break, have a snack or just sit back and enjoy the wonder of the girl you see in the mirror. We try to keep things moving, but you should never be afraid to say you need a break.

All crossdressing makeovers start with a consultation. We sit down and map out our goals. First off, we will ask you what you want to accomplish. Some girls want to reaffirm they are pretty, others are looking for the first glimpse of the inner girl they have always felt but never seen, still others are getting great photos for that special someone in their life, but most girls come in just to have fun. Regardless of your reasons, we will work to achieve your goals.

Now we will find out what look you are going for: ‘classy and sexy’ (this is our most popular look, its more glamorous than normal but not so far over the top as to look cheap), ‘fresh’ (look like you do everyday, with a bit of extra polish) ‘fantasy’(highly specialized makeup like butterfly, or lizard or some other fanciful idea) These are just a few possibilities for your TG Transformation. We don’t suggest fantasy themes for a first makeover but we will work with you to find a look that fits who you are and want to be.

This is a good time to discuss what items you want to be shot in. Some girls have their own hair and want nothing to do with wigs. Other girls have a favorite wig of their own and don’t want to try other styles we might have. It is totaly up to you if you want to use items from our wardrobe. In the end, this is your day and we will happily to do as you like.

Crossdressing Wardrobe

Now that we know what we want to accomplish, its off to plan the wardrobe! Many girls bring a few changes of clothes. Some girls bring several suitcases. Regardless, we will go through what you have brought and plan a shoot based on the look you have chosen and a combination of your clothing and items from our clothing selection. Our wardrobe is contained in an large 2 tiered closet with more than 120 feet of hanging rod. We have 1200 dresses on display for you to choose from. We have another 800 dresses on racks for fresh costuming content. Dress sizes run 0 to 28 with more in the standard sizes. We have something that will fit most everyone. There are dresses for the young cross dresser as well as the seasoned gals. The types of our dresses range from the styles of the 60’s through contemporary fashions, with a stop in every decade. We have a nice selection of fancy formals, prom dresses and wedding gowns. In addition we have a great collection of Victorian Gowns with all the hoop skirts and petticoats to match. And if that were not enough, we also have fun renaissance wear. Between our dresses and what you have brought we will come up with what you want to wear and we can go to the next phase which is Makeup. Many times a photo shoot turns into a night of playing ‘dress up’. We always have a good time, this is going to be fun!

A small sample of the outfits awaiting you at TG Miss

Male to Female Transformation Makeup

Makeup techniques used in a male to female transformation services vary from shoot to shoot; the average time to do a crossdressing makeover for a full shoot is near 3 hours. We don’t believe in “good enough” it’s got to be “right”. Here is a good example of how makeup might be applied: Eye Brows: Some girls allow us to tweeze their eyebrows as we see fit, most often we simply do a clean up. We make your eyebrows look like they would after you visited a full service salon for men. We are happy to give you “guy-brows”, the look we would make for a male model. Still others do not want anything done with their eyebrows at all. While this makes a convincing feminine look more difficult, we have techniques for this eventuality. Taping: Sometimes it is advantageous to apply tape to give a mini face lift. We will decide the merits of this technique once you sit in the makeup chair. You don’t have to have taping, but it can do a great job of erasing those extra years for older clients. Foundation: We will select a foundation to match your skin tone and color. We use a combination of cream and airbrush foundations to give you that near flawless look that all girls desire. Applying the foundation can take a good deal of time depending on the particular challenges a face might give us. Blush and Contour: The foundation has given us a great blank canvas. Blush and contours allow us to start to put some of the color back into your face in all the right places. Blush can accentuate a feminine cheekbone while contouring colors are used to thin, curve, widen, or lengthen the visible dimensions of your face as needed. This part of the crossdressing transformation is different for every girl, and it’s why TG Miss girls don’t look like they came from a “cookie cutter” mold. Eyes: We pay special attention to your eyes. “The eyes are the windows of the soul” it is said; we want your eyes to brighten up your face like a well lit window brightens up a room. Choosing the right eye shadow is usually a great challenge. We will likely ask you what colors you feel look best on you. We have over 250 eye shadow colors in our pallet. We also make custom eye shadow colors using professional cosmetic pigments and application media. There are several different mediums as well. We have water based colors, loose powders, pressed powder pans, waterproof shades and even acrylic airbrush skin paints. We never know for sure what we will use until we custom design your makeup scheme. Because it is an easy way to spread eye infections, we don’t use mascara. Instead all of our clients receive a free pair of false eyelashes. It takes a little while to get used to them but all the clients love them and the way they accentuate their look. The eyes are finished off with the right eye liner and then its onto the lips. Lips: The lips are just as important as the eyes in a TG Transformation in sculpting your face. The right shade and shape are very important. We can bring back the full lip look of younger years. As we age our lips thin, the right makeup application reverses this. Our makeup is designed for photography, therefore it is going to be heavier than you would wear during the day. Your makeup has to show through the bright studio lighting. The last thing we want is our subject to look washed out. With your lips and eyes done we will do a final blend, and then its time to dress.

The Art of Dressing

Many male to female transformation service clients prefer to dress in private, some require a little help. Some of the Victorian looks we love so much are nearly impossible to slip into alone. We will help where it is needed if you so desire. We are happy to give you the space you need, just let us know what you feel your needs are. Your private dressing room has a large mirror, so you can decide if you want to be seen in what you have just tried on. We will pick a first outfit, and then work on accessorizing it. We have racks of costume jewelry and a nice selection of heels to supplement the shoes and items you have brought. For the crossdresser looking for that ‘girl I have never seen’ look we also have a large number of wigs. Want to see what you look like as a blonde, brunette, red head, we have them all and in many styles. We have a good deal of hair accessories as well, we will help you put together a full look that anyone would be proud of. We want you to know you look great, there are many mirrors throughout the studio to confirm your confidence. With a tweak and a twist you will be ready for the camera and it’s off to shoot some great photos.

The Photoshoot and Posing

During a crossdressing makeover we will take hundreds of photos. In a professional modeling shoot they take an enormous amount of photographs and then sift through them to get the few killer shots that they use. Our shoots are no different. There will be many very good photos and some not so good. You get them all, you can go through them at your leisure and choose the ones you like. Quite often a pose that you thought was goofy turns out to be the special photo you never thought possible. The photos you receive are full size (actually very large) 5 meg+ and the file type is jpeg. As an added element to our male to female transformations service we try to provide one well edited photo per outfit..

One of the greatest helps we offer is posing assistance. Our staff is amazing at helping a TG find and learn the poses that look natural and beautiful. They are happy to help throughout your entire shoot. By the end of your time with us you will be able to pose naturally and place yourself perfectly for the camera. Very few people come to a transformation full of confidence, knowing exactly what they are going to do or how they are going to look. We take the time to work with you as an individual and make your shoot a real adventure into photography.

Please take a look at our series on “Stage Presence” for a closer look at poses and concepts we use to make a TG Miss photo shoot an amazing adventure.

After the photos have been taken, we welcome you to relax for a while and soak up everything that has gone on. We will likely have a post shoot snack ready, you might even want a glass of wine. This a good time to look at a sample of the photos taken and revel in a great day. If you are not leaving dressed as a girl we give you ample time to clean up. We supply all you need to clean up: makeup remover, soap, wash cloths and towels. We even have a shower if you feel you need that extra level to get yourself back to boy mode. If you want us to check that you have removed all the makeup, we will give you the once over. After you have cleaned up, we will help you pack all your belongings. During this time we will be sure that all your photo and video data are transferred onto the USB drive you brought with you, If you forgot your drive, we can sell you one for a reasonable price. To get all your data on one drive, please bring a 16 gig USB drive. Before you receive your photos, final payment is due. This payment can be made in cash, money order, credit card or Pay Pal. The staff of TG Miss does not take a salary. The proceeds from the crossdressing makeovers are reinvested into the studio. We do this because we love what we do. If a client is of the mind to leave a tip, it is distributed to the staff. There is no obligation to leave a tip, but it is appreciated.

The full shoot described above is priced at $100.00 per hour with a 6 hour minimum. Most clients book 8 hours and take home well over 1000 photos. Photos are taken throughout the day including the makeup process. Your photos are only used on our website with your permission. Full shoots can be booked any day of the week, but do work best on weekends. All shoots require a $200.00 deposit to reserve the day for you.

You can reserve a spot NOW and work with the TG Miss to find the date that works best for you. If you cannot find a date to schedule that works for you and the TG Miss staff you will receive a full refund. Our standard cancelation policy does take affect after a date has been agreed upon.


We require a deposit because our time and your ability to enjoy our services are important. It is unbelievable how many people will book a day and simply not bother to call when they are not going to show up. Because we only allow 2 shoots a week, the number of available booking slots is very limited. It is our hope that only those who are serious about trying our services reserve bookings. Many potential clients have been denied the day of their choosing by someone who never shows up at our studio.

We are aware that emergencies arise and it’s not always possible to make your shoot. If you give notice that you cannot make your shoot 72 hours prior to your start time, we will allow you to reschedule your shoot within the next 90 days. If you do not reschedule your shoot in 90 days or you miss your shoot without notice the deposit is forfeited. If you cancel your shoot with less than 72 hours, it will be at our discretion whether or not to allow rescheduling. This will be handled on a case by case basis.