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Stage Presence ~ Learn to pose like a Girl

The Stage Presence series is designed to help new and returning clients prepare themselves to get the most out of their visit to TG Miss. Not every person will be able to use all the poses we are presenting here. It is not our intention to discourage anyone from visiting TG Miss, rather we know that information empowers our clients. Preparation will enhance your visit and when it’s time to get on stage you will be more at ease .The guidance given here will not only aid you in your stage presence at TG Miss but will help you anytime you are presenting as a girl in front of a camera or video recorder.

This is not a test of your fitness to be a TG Miss, it is a guide to have fun with and grow your self confidence as you experience “the Best Girl Day of Your Life” at TG Miss.

… Missy

The menu to the left will allow you to navigate through different topics presented in this series. We invite you to give us suggestions as to more topics to cover. E-Mail your suggestions to Missy

Posing / Leg Position
Posing / Hand position
Posing / Body Angles
Hem Play
Posing / Head
Kneeling Poses
Lip Sync
Other Props