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Basic Leg Positions in Posing

The majority of the poses you will do at TG Miss are standing. We stand on our legs everyday, and how we stand is often taken for granted. When presenting for the camera, how we position our legs is very important.

A man is taught to stand with his feet shoulder width apart face straight forward, This is a pose we try to avoid at TG Miss. Our poses are meant to accentuate a feminine appearance. We know not everyone can execute these poses, but we greatly encourage you to try your best where you are able.

… Missy

The Good Girl

The first pose we start most people out with is the “Good Girl”. The good girl is the easiest of poses. All you do is place your feet together and stand straight up like a good girl. This is a great pose to gain confidence in heels. Hand placement for this pose is folded in front or neatly tucked behind the back.

Standing Ankle Crossover

One of the most popular leg positions is the standing ankle crossover. Most people find it easier to cross one way more than the other. Whether you are more comfortable right over left or left over right it does not really matter. If you can do both it will add a bit of variety to your photos. Not all clients can master this, however I think it is one of the most important positions a girl can master.

Start standing this way in comfortable shoes. It is fine to start by supporting yourself with a chair. With practice and perseverence you will soon be able to progress into heels. With practice comes confidence and confidence leads to grace.

High Cross Over

The high cross over is just like the ankle crossover but the intent is for the cross to happen near the knees or above. Both of the cross over poses are used with a variety of other positions to give your photos elegance and variety.

Side Step

The side step is where we increase the distance between our feet. The side step is intended to have our weight shifted onto one hip. Shifting the weight keeps us from looking like the standard male pose. There are several variations to the side step we see Missy is in a standard side step, Wendy shows us a side step 45 while Kelly executes a side step 90.

They are fairly easy poses, with practice you can increase you ability to shift more weight onto your hip, thereby adding to the effect of the pose.