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Advanced Leg Position Poses

Advanced leg positioning requires a good deal of balance and often a lot of PRACTICE. Even some of our older girls ( 70 years +) can execute these pose with grace. The poses do not come easily or naturally, so do not be discouraged if you have a hard time or cannot master them at all. These poses are not necessary. Shoes that are comfortable and fit well are a huge plus. Please be very careful while you practice these poses.

… Missy

The Toe Touch

The toe touch can be executed in a number of ways. Here, we see Missy executing a toe touch within a ankle cross. This foot position can be used in almost any pose shown in this series. The secret to mastering this pose is to have good balance on the main foot and the use the touch of the toe on the 2nd foot to add balance.

The toe touch adds an air of grace and femininity to any pose.

The Figure 4

The figure 4 is achieved by balancing on one foot and raising the opposite leg to a 90 degree angle to the supporting leg.

Good fitting shoes are essential for this pose. Practicing with a chair to keep your balance is a great way to help you gain confidence. During your shoot we can bring a chair in as well. Just ask Leigh and she will help you show off this great pose in your shoot.