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TG Miss Mini Shoot

To make a crossdresser transformation, available to those with a tight budget. We offer a scaled back version of our ever popular Full Experience . A Mini Shoot will last about 3 hours and includes all the content of a full shoot, but makeup will be simplified. We will shoot as many outfits as time allows (likely 1 or 2). You can take home your all photos. A Mini Shoot is as nice as any photography session offered anywhere else. However we still strongly suggest that a client book the Full Experience for their first visit. These shorter sessions are available on most weeknights.

Our Mini crossdresser transformation can be lengthened the day of your shoot. Most girls are having to much fun to call 3 hours enough. We will happily allow you to add 1 hour to your shoot total. If you think this is a likely hood, please let us know before hand. If you can commit to a 4th hour before hand, we can likely move the start time to 5:00 PM. Last minute decisions work most of the time as well.

Mini Shoots are ONLY available weeknights 6-9PM

The cost of a Mini crossdresser transformation photoshoot is $300.00. A $200.00 deposit is required to secure your date. To book your Mini Shoot call the TG Miss Studio Phone 262-404-5278 or Email

Mini Shoots Include:

  • Professional Photography
  • Theatrical and Airbrush Makeup
  • Over 1500 outfits to choose from
  • A large selection of Wigs and Shoes
  • Costume Jewelry
  • Virtual Backgrounds

Before You Visit

Look over our Check List which lists everything you need to bring, to be sure you are prepared for your makeover.  We will supply all make up, dresses, wigs and jewelry.  We will also have some snacks and beverages on hand.  If you let us know what you like and we will try to have it there.  If you have any further questions, please email me or Call the studio (262) 404-5278 , we look forward to helping you become a pretty TG Miss.

You can book your services online using the “Book Now” button. All the information you need will be supplied after your booking is complete. You can always book your TG Miss service by calling the studio (262) 404-5278 or by email