At TG Miss we strive to make you look as good as possible. For most of our clients, the makeup, wardrobe, photography and model coaching is more than enough to make their dreams come true. Realism is very important to many girls and we will do everything we can to preserve that. However other girls are looking for a total fantasy look. Using some extreme makeup techniques and a bit of software, we can produce a look that is you but so much more! We hope you enjoy this new offering and please leave us feed back with the page polls.


This image was created using bold face painting. Feathers were added as eyelashes. I like to call this image "Parrot Girl". The rough edges have been removed and the overall look softened with software to create an unique image.


This image focuses on a pair of extermely large eyelashes. The makeup was designed to balance the eye lashes . There is a great deal of blending used to create much of the texture. Some software manipulation was needed to bring the final look together.


This image focuses on a look that Joanna has titled as "Snow Imp." Whites, purples and blues are blended to give a whimsical look. The use of white under the eyes helps to accentuate the cheek bones. This look could be applied to most anyone. The original shape of the face would detirmine how much software manipulation is needed.
blue girl