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Fantasy Photography at TG Miss

Many of our clients are years or pounds past that idyllic photo. Makeup and lighting can only do so much. Our Fantasy Photography package is designed to take all the things we do so well at TG Miss and combine it with post production techniques to create a few photos for crossdressers that look like they came off the cover of a Romance Novel.

How do you get photos like this? Email Missy or call TG Miss at 262-404-5272 and talk to one of our staff about planning a “Fantasy Photography” session. What’s the cost? The cost follows the same formula as the “Full Experience” package, 6 hours for $450.00 Each fantasy photography out fit will take between 1 and 2 hours to shoot. We will include post production work on a preset number of photos. Additional post production can be purchased at $25.00 per photo. The table below is a good estimate. Contact Missy to get a closer estimate on your actual cost.

6 hours $600.00 1-2 outfits 5 Fantasy Photos
7 hours $700.00 2-3 outfits 7 Fantasy Photos
8 hours $ 800.00 4 outfits 10 Fantasy Photos

How is this different from a normal shoot?

In a”Full Experience” photo shoot hundreds of photos are taken. A “Fantasy Photography” shoot uses our time and artistic talents to produce a few amazing photos. We use special makeup and prosthetic techniques to achieve a base line photo that is able to be edited to create a fantasy image. Extra time is devoted to costume creation and wig styling to match your fantasy look. We will design custom backgrounds and gather more props to incorporate into your fantasy photos. These new additions in combination with post production editing techniques bring all of these elements together to create the photos you have always wanted.

What special effects can I expect?

We can give a crossdresser a realistic, or non realistic bust line depending on what you choose. We will give your face an ultra feminine appearance, while preserving the real you. We will reshape your body to have the curves every real girl would die for. We will remove body hair , which will be great for those clients that just can’t shave arms, chest, and legs.

How do we move forward?

The whole process will take time to plan, so there will be a need for pre shoot correspondence. The actual number of outfits will depend on how elaborate the setup for the base line photo needs to be. For example, a bondage theme will require much more time then a standard southern belle.

Your Fantasy Photography session will be a customized experience. We have done hundreds of transformations, this allows us to provide an experience unavailable anywhere else. We have over 2000 dresses, over 100 wigs, more than 100 pairs of heels. Our makeup experience is unrivaled in the mtf genre, our photography and background system allows a girl to experience the real time thrill of being the girl she was meant to be. In short, TG Miss is the only place to consider for a Fantasy Photography experience.