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FAQ at TG Miss

Q. What is the minimum I have to bring to a shoot?

A. You have to provide at least your own under garments and hosiery.

Q. How do I book a shoot?

A. Contact Missy via e-mail or 262-404-5278 and she will walk you through the steps of scheduling and deposit OR

You can book your services online using the “Book Now” button. All the information you need will be supplied after your booking is complete. You can always book your TG Miss service by calling the studio (262) 404-5278

Q. How do I pay the deposit?

A. If you did not book your shoot online, Missy will have you contact her by phone (262)404-5278 and get your CC information. The deposit then can be paid in the mail with a money order. It is also possible to e-mail you a Pay Pal invoice for the deposit which can be paid with a major credit card or Pay Pal account.

Q. How will the bill show up on my credit card?

A. TG Miss is housed under a manufacturing corporation, your receipt will show up from a reputable corporation with many retail and service entities. TG Miss will not show up at all.

Q. Will someone walk in on my photo shoot?

A. No, your shoot is 100% private, we never allow anyone to enter a shoot unless they are staff or an approved guest of the client!

Q. How many photos will we take and when will I get them?

A. In an average shoot we take over 1000 photos. You will be able to take home all of your hi-res photos when you leave our studio that very day.

Q. Are there any clubs to go out to after my shoot?

A. There are a few safe clubs within 30 minutes of the studio. The Casino in Milwaukee has been reported as a safe and friendly place to go as well. However most clients are TOO exhausted to go out after a shoot. We will work you hard.

Q. I am very tall; can you really make me look like a girl?

A. Yes, there are several tricks that can be used to give the impression of an altered aspect that will make you look a normal height. We have had girls as tall as 6′ 10″ look darn near petite.

Q. How long should I book my shoot for?

A. Most girls book 6 to 8 hours, here is why; Make-up alone takes about 3 hours (see the makeover details section as to why) The basic tour, and pre makeup consultaion takes about 45 minutes… Your first photos on stage usually start about 4 hours after you arrive. To get really good results, it takes at least 6 hours.

Q. What if my arms are hairy?

A. We can use long sleeve dresses and shawls to cover them. While it is a challenge, we can fairly easily overcome it.

Q. Is there a place for me to wash up before I go home after my shoot?

A. Yes, we have a sink and a shower for your use; you will be able to leave with no evidence of your days *activities*.

Q. I don’t know anything about posing; can you help me with that?

A. Yes, both Missy and Leigh are experienced models and will teach you the fundamentals of what you need to know. By the end of most shoots, the client has gotten much better at this then they ever imagined.

Q. What is the closest airport to the studio?

A. Milwaukee’s Mitchell field is a short 20 minute drive from the TG Miss Studio.

Q. Can you touch up my photos?

A. Yes, we have a very popular service where we can enhance all your photos, just ask Missy.

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