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Checklist for TG Miss Makeovers

Personal Preparations:

  • Shower
  • Shave face (right before makeover or at our studio)
  • Do your nails if you like (we can apply your press on nails)
  • Do yourself a favor and review our “Stage Presence” for poses(link!)

If you can’t bring anything but panties

TG Miss Shoot Special(link!)

For $125.00

  • 1 pair of TG Miss Breast Forms
  • 1 bra size 32-42
  • 2 pairs of Pantyhose

Things to Bring

  • 32 gig USB Drive
  • Bra and Panties
  • Contacts (if you have them)
  • Hosiery Tan works best (bring at least 2 pairs)
  • Corset (optional … we have one that should fit you)
  • Tummy Tucker (optional)
  • Padded Panty (optional)
  • Heels (we have sizes 7-16 but a comfy pair is priceless)
  • Breast Forms ( we have several pairs you might prefer your own)
  • We LOVE to photograph girls in the clothing they have bought for themselves. Don’t be afraid to bring anything you love, be it shoe, wigs, jewelry or whatever! However, Please be sure that you pack your things in suit cases, boxes with handles or garment bags. The Studio is on the 3rd floor, help us while helping you carry things up!

Other things you might want to bring:

Photos of what kind of look you think might work for you

A favorite outfit(s) you want to be photographed

A favorite wig(s) you want to be used

Special music… we have a large selection at the studio

Friend or spouse (check with us first)

A camera or video recorder you would like us to use in addition to our equipment