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Testimonials from TG Miss Clients

Clients have offered many testimonials and I have posted a few.  If any past client would like to update their testimonial or have a new one included, please email .  If you need extra assurance of what a great time you are going to have at TG Miss please read some of the nice things our friends have had to say about us below.

Well where to start. After looking at the TG miss website many times and reading the glowing testimonials I decided to book a shoot. There were other options in my area but TG miss seemed to fit me best. 
    Little did I know how important that decision would become. Being a mature closeted CD and wanting to slip out of the closet and worried I couldn’t be what I saw on their website. Rest assured girls Missy and Leigh to the rescue! 
    From the moment Leigh met me at the door to touring the studio and meeting Missy in person I was put at ease. We all sat down to discuss what I wanted. They made it clear that this was my day and making me beautiful and at ease was their goal. 
    Leigh and I went into the huge dress room to pick out some outfits to wear along with the things I brought.
Then Missy and I sat at the make up area while she applied her craft. Now I realize this was my first make over but the detail and professionalism she has is truly amazing. Her skill at seeing what you have and making you the best girl you can be is Missy’s calling. Don’t ever doubt that she can make you gorgeous.
    Leigh finished with my lips. Having very thin lips is a problem but not for Leigh. When completed she made then look fantastic just like the models have. As I walked to the little girls room I caught my reflection in a mirror and it stopped me dead in my tracks. Who is that gorgeous creature starring back at me. 
    That was the start of a my best girl day ever! Leigh helped me dress,taught me to pose and explained what the camera wanted to see. By the third outfit of the day she had me feeling it. The outfit was my favorite I brought from home and the instructions previously given by Leigh put me over the top. I was definitely in girl euphoria. The two of them just allowed me be me and it all clicked. More clothes came and went and soon we were done. Well at least I was.
     We then all sat down and Missy explain the whole operation to me including the editing of a few select photos. Then she started showing them to me. Each one was better than the last. Missy said you want to see the best one. I did of course and there is was. Me in my favorite outfit and I became speechless. My brain was having problems processing what it saw. It was not just good I was down right gorgeous! 
     My expression,posture,hand placement and look in the eyes were all perfect at least for me. Leigh’s instructions had all worked at the same time. To think that a few hours ago I wasn’t sure I could make the grade so to speak. 
    In the end Missy and Leigh work in tandem to produce the best you that can be done. I am forever grateful to them for making this closeted male a beautiful new flower named Michelle.
    If you ever wished for a dream day girls this is the place. Put your self in TG miss’s very capable hands and let the fun begin. I can’t wait to go back and renew our friendship and start again. 
    Thank you Missy and Leigh you are truly wonderful soles.
    Michelle  September 2019
Michelle Testimonial Photo for TG Miss
Brittany's Testimonial Photos

I took away from my TG Miss visit a feminine experience I never thought possible.  I came across your website and was intrigued with what I saw and read.  The website was well organized.  It had good information about the services and plenty of pictures showing your talent.  Because I was vacationing within a couple hours of the location, I decided to make contact about setting up a day.  Missy was responsive to many questions through our exchange of emails.  Satisfied it was something I wanted to do, I was fortunate enough to arrange a visit a couple days later.   

I arrived on my scheduled day around noon and didn’t end until ten hours later.  Leigh met me at the entrance.  From then on, she was at my side throughout the day advising, teaching, and encouraging me.  I did not meet Missy until after Leigh had showed me around the studio and described how my day would go.  Missy and Leigh listened to my desires for the day then we sat around getting to know each other a bit making my experience more personal. 

I had one makeover previously.  It did not come close to the level of detail and care Leigh and Missy took to make sure everything was done correctly for the makeup application and brings out the true feminine Brittany.  It was a three hour process, and very much was worth the wait.  Seeing myself in the mirror the first time after dressing and accessorizing was amazing.  It was beyond what could have expected.   I had the opportunity to wear a number of different outfits.  Missy and Leigh did a fabulous job coordinating my outfits, wigs, and accessories to bring out my feminine beauty.  It definitely showed in the photos.  Even my initial outfit pictures were good.  

Like I said earlier, I spent a lot of time with Leigh.  Missy did much of the make-up application.  After that, she ran the computers managing the backdrops, music, videos, and photos.  Leigh was up near the stage teaching me poses and guided me through the moves.  She was patient with me, especially at the beginning.  I got more comfortable in the later shoots so she did not have to engage as much.  More importantly, she made sure I did not fall from stage. 

I did not want the day to end.  After the shoots were completed, we sat around and talked about the day and looked at some pictures Missy selected from the 1,000 photos taken during the day.  It was time to leave.  Leigh escorted me to the entrance and we said our good byes.  I was exhausted but fulfilled.  There were a couple things I took away from my visit.  I have not come across another website or service that provides the same level tailored to bringing out one’s feminine side.  Missy and Leigh recognized its importance and established TG Miss.  It fills a much needed niche.  They not only care.  They express compassion, encouragement, and support to allow one to become that beautiful feminine person in a fun environment.  I definitely enjoyed this day.  

Brittany July 2019

Go now. You will not be disappointed!
You will have the most wonderful possible experience at TG Miss. I went to TG Miss to put myself in their hands as I wanted to get images of me looking as good as I possibly could. I was absolutely satisfied with the results! I don’t think it is possible to look any better. 
Missy and Leigh will take care of you. They are friendly and personable and will guide you throughout the experience. They will listen to your goals and and come up with a plan for your day. Trust their process and enjoy the adventure!  They made suggestions on outfits throughout the shoot that were outside of my normal wardrobe choices, but when I saw the results I was flabbergasted. I absolutely could not be more pleased with the results. 
I recommend TG Miss whole heartedly. I personally had the best time possible. I consider myself a reasonable shy introvert, but I felt extremely comfortable with Missy and Leigh. One of my favorite parts of the evening was getting to know Missy and Leigh and learning about their life stories. Their sharing made it such an intimate and enjoyable experience that I know I will not soon forget. 
So to wrap it up, go now. You will have the time of your life and you will be blown away by the results. 
Robin  March 2019
Robin's Testimonial Photos
Julie's Testimonial Photo

I had a makeover and photo shoot in Jan of 2019. I was a little nervous and anxious. I had been looking forward to do this for a long time. Finally the day arrived. I couldn’t have been more pleased. The staffs at TG Miss are very professional. They are welcoming, and make you feel very comfortable from the start.  I am so happy with the results. I will definitely schedule another shoot, so many more outfits to try on. Regardless of your age you should schedule a photo shoot and makeover with Missy and the great girls at TG Miss. I guarantee you will not regret it. Be the girl of your dreams !


 Julie ~ January 2019

“If you reading this, you have already considered coming to TG Miss. Before you settle into the litany of buts, Do it!! Indulge your girl! You will have a wonderful experience.
I went through the same questions that I’m most everybody thinks about. I never could have imagined how great I would look. I’m 64 and just begin to explore my girl about 3 months ago. I had only really dressed twice. I had told no one about how I was feeling. Of course I was scared and thought I could never look as attractive as any of the girls on the site. Was I absolutely wrong. You are not too old, too young, not pretty enough, etc. They are so experienced and professional, it is unlikely that you present something they have never seen before
From the moment Leigh met me at the door I felt welcome. After a few minutes discussing what I wanted to get bout of the day over snacks, I felt like I was with old friends. The day flew by even though it was the full 8 hour session. It is fantastic when you can feel the excitement coming form Missy during the shoot.
They have the biggest closet with more than 1000 dresses, over 100 wigs and shoes. It is much fun to put a series of different outfits and get photos of each. Being such a novice, I was able to see several wig styles that I never would of tried on my own and looked great in. I had never even wore heels before let alone tried to pose in them. Leigh is relentless while getting you in the best pose. Missy has a knack for finding a pose, an accessory or style that lets you shine. I had so much fun while learning about Miranda and of course some fantastic photos.
This will be the best thing you could do for yourself and see just how beautiful you really are. I’m already thinking about my next time.
One bit of advice, please do use all of the resources on the website and practice the poses. It will help you to be the beautiful woman you dream about.”
Miranda  October 2018
Miranda's testimonial photo

            “It took me almost a year to finally decide to have my own girl day, but totally worth it. When I got there I was literally shaking, the fear was simply too much, but Leigh and Missy make me feel among friends almost immediately. They treated me like a girly the entire time, but most than that, they treat me like a friend. And treated me like the girl I always wanted to be.

To all the Latina girls like me that want to experience their own girl day, this is without a doubt the best way to do it. You won´t regret it, every single dress, accessories, shoes and props is carefully chosen to make the girl inside you finally come out. All the details are checked and the photos you get are simply divine!

I showed some of my pictures to a couple of friends and they cannot believe I can be that beautiful and to be honest neither do I. The work of Leigh and Missy its excellent and you won’t believe how beautiful you can be until you try it. “

Thanks one final time for everything you done for me, it was something very intimate, very emotional and very exciting. You make think about me and Nadia and I will come back for more. So see you soon. ^-^

Nadia ~ August 2018

Being a girl in my early twenties I was not sure I would have such a delightful experience. It truly exceeded my expectations! The pictures obviously look amazing, but the process of taking the pictures itself was just as fun. Missy and Leigh are personable, warm, and humorous, so I quickly overcame my nervousness. They have a great selection of dresses in many styles – glamorous, ladylike, sexy, etc. And equally important they offer a versatile selection of wigs, shoes, and accessories to complement any outfit. When it comes to actually taking the photos, there are plenty of digital backgrounds, props, and poses to try out. They have a large mirror to help with posing, and half the fun is watching the gorgeous figure in the mirror, completely unrecognizable from your normal self. I have never felt so beautiful and happy – I am so glad I decided to go and try it out.

Julia ~ July 2018        

I am a transgender woman who had to stop my transition a couple years ago. Fast forward to now. I am currently in the process of restarting my transition. This go around I am trying to do so with figuring out who Jennifer really is and what kind of person she could be.

While having been out in public many times I am still trying to figure out what Jennifer should look like. Upon visiting TG Miss, Missy and Leigh helped me figure that out. From the very beginning they made me feel very welcome. They keep a very relaxed and fun atmosphere that you are not likely to find at most photo studios.

With that said, even though there is a relaxed and fun atmosphere the staff is very focused on making sure that a high quality photo shoot is taken. Missy is highly attentive to detail in regards to makeup, clothing, hair styles right down to accessories.

My photo shoot lasted just a bit over 8 hours. I had several outfit changes, and periodical makeup touch ups. The shoot did not feel like 8 hours as everyone was having a good time (despite roasting temperatures outside that day). Time always seems to fly when having fun.

I would highly recommend anyone whether they are a first time crossdresser, seasoned crossdresser to even transgender individuals looking to create or explore a new look for themselves to visit TG Miss. Whatever the occasion you are in good hands, and you will have a great time.

Jennifer ~ July 2018


If you have never done a professional photo shoot, then you need to do it. I went to TG MISS on Saturday the 16th of June and I loved it. Missy and Leigh brought out the girl in me that I had been searching for all of these years. Let me tell you that it was the best time I had ever had. When you get there you are treated like a long lost friend. I was at ease immediately. First they showed me around the studio and all the clothes,shoes and wigs. You’ll find plenty of things to wear. Then we talked about what I wanted to accomplish. Then it’s off to makeup and wardrobe and off to the first shoot. Leigh is a wizard at teaching you very feminine poses, and she’s relentless. {LOL} Missy is a miracle worker with makeup she brought out the beautiful woman within me. So if you want to see the beautiful woman within yourself and have a lot of fun and be at ease you need to go to TG MISS.

You’ll be AMAZED!

They are the best in the photo shoot business.

Megan ~ June 2018

 Hi, I am Ashley.  This was my first professional make over and photo shoot.  I didn’t know what to expect other than what I read on the web site.  However, Missy and Leigh quickly established a feeling of trust and confidence.  They are friendly, funny, and fun to be around, yet still professional.  Making me look good was their prime mission.  (A difficult task, I assure you.)  Time flew so quick I couldn’t believe it when eight hours had passed.  It was a great experience.  The photos are unbelievable.  When I have shown the photos to others, they can’t believe it’s really me.  Awesome, fantastic, incredible, beautiful, amazing; those are just some of the adjectives everyone uses when viewing the photos. 

Thank you Missy and Leigh for a great day and great job.

Ashley ~ June 2018

To get this out of the way ALL of the testimonials you read here are absolutely true! Believe it.After reading them I decided I was going to TG Miss no matter what.   As crazy as it seemed I was going to do whatever it took to have MY girl moment.

The Checklist tells you to study the Stage Presence information; look at the photos; watch the videos; what might you like to wear; think of poses and bring music.  This might be my only time for this to ever happen and I was not going to mess it up.   In the weeks till the day of the shoot I tried to do my part to prepare and be ready.

I was very nervous like everyone mentions but was dying to finally see this happen.  During the meeting with Leigh and Missy I showed them what I thought and what little I brought. I asked them to tell me when I was doing something wrong because I want to make it right. Then it was time to put things in their hands as I had complete faith in what they do.  And did they deliver!  Their choices of dresses, hair, shoes, jewelry and makeup were all spot on.  I never felt as good of a complete package as this.

I lost track of time but when we hit the 8 hour mark I knew we were done.  I did not want the magical night to end but I could tell my creative energy was starting to fade.   During the after meeting Missy showed me 12 of the best pictures of the night and I could not stop looking at them.  They went over what was good and things to improve on for next time.  Next time?  They seem to think it will happen and I figure a second visit from me is what they may deserve!

Miss Leigh is a rock star, angel and whatever else that can be added.  She is so patient and encouraging.  She straightens you out when you falter and lets you go when your adrenaline kicks in.  Leigh went from someone at “Hi I’m..” to a dear friend by the end.  I can’t begin to express what she did for me and am forever grateful to her.

Missy claims that she is not an icon but I have a hard time with that not being the case.   When she sits behind the monitor bank and says “Great Job” or “you can smile better” you want to perform for her. The detail she demands makes you feel that you are the most important thing person in the studio.  When she took the time at the end of the night to commend me for the extra effort I put into this shoot I was speechless.  That complement coming from the ‘icon” means so much to me.

My 5 points for you all

  1. Do it! They want you to succeed and there is no judgment on who you are or what you can’t do.  Slide on your pantyhose, lace up your corset, step into the dress and go for it!
  2. Be prepared. Practice things listed in the Stage Presence area. Think about poses.  Think about what you want to dress like.  Let them know about you so they can make you the girl you only dream of. 
  3. The camera is always on! Do not waste a moment.  Adjust as you go and be mindful of the little items that can help you along like the countdown clock. 
  4. Always SMILE.
  5. Enjoy. Once things get going let it all out.  The place becomes electric. As much as this is hard work it is so much fun.

This is now family.  This is the best.  This is TG Miss!

Summer ~ May 2018 

                          “What an Incredible Evening!”

This was my fourth shoot with Missy and Leigh at TG Miss, and this one was the most fun yet. Maybe I was more relaxed, more comfortable, and not so nervous. I had been anticipating this Photo shoot for 6 months, since my last time. I wanted everything to be perfect, and like always, there were things I brought that I certainly didn’t need and there were some things I forgot. Didn’t really matter. Missy and Leigh have everything in the studio that you could possibly imagine. We spent some time chatting, catching up on things, getting comfortable. And then we are through with makeup and into my first dress, and voila, everything was just so fun. From the music to the hot backgrounds that Missy has prepared, to Leigh’s posing instructions, the evening just seemed to fly by.

We started at 1pm, and by 8:45 I was ready for a rest. 7 gown changes, with shoes and hair and makeup touch ups, all this looking pretty is hard work for an old broad like me… I then watched how Missy does her magic with her editing tools, incredible. Such a talented girl. After that we were skyping with Casey, who has had so much to do with the success of the studio. She gives advice and atta girls as we go on, and made the evening even more fun I had such a marvelous time, and from the other girls who have also had shoots at TG Miss, their experiences are very similar. The Best Girl Day of Your Life. Duh!!! Without question. I would suggest to anyone who is wondering…should I ??? Get in touch with any girl who has gone through this program. From first timers to those who have had tens of shoots over several years, the story you hear will be the same. As I said in the beginning, What an Incredible Evening!


Christine Olivia ~ April 2018

Missy thanks again for my shoot on Friday. I had one of the best times of my life. I am a little shy and I don’t show emotion very well. I had an incredible time and will be back. I am hoping for September. I had never done anything like this before. I have never had girl’s clothes on in front of any one before. I had never even talked to anyone about wearing girl’s clothes before. When l called TG Miss and talked to Missy to set up my shoot I was so nervous my hands were shaking. My hands were shaking so bad I had a hard time holding the phone to my ear. Missy assured me that everything was going to be confidential and private. TG Miss takes huge steps to keep everything confidential. When I arrived I met Missy, Leigh and Tammy; they made me feel very comfortable. I found the studio to be very private and secure. It didn’t take very long for me to be able to relax and start having a great time. The makeup was incredible. In 3 hours I went from looking like a man to looking like a very pretty woman. I never dreamed I could look like this. The selection of clothes shoes and wigs is out of this world. During my shoot I wore 8 different outfits. I had so much fun the 8 hours was over before I knew it. I had one of the best times of my life. I will be going back again !

Teresa ~ March 2018 

            Hi, I am Dana and this is my second trip to TG Miss. Missy and Leigh are great people and highly skilled! They do an amazing job with makeup. They pay a lot of attention to detail and colors to bring out your best features. They have a great eye for fashion and will make several outfits and style selections from their amazing selection of clothes. Missy and Leigh will sometimes disagree on outfits; this makes it even more fun to listen to the both of them go back and forth on what looks better. The huge selection of clothing, wigs, shoes, accessories and styles are over the top to pick from! When it comes to posing Leigh is great. She will make you feel like you have been doing this forever. Leigh makes posing fun, she will make you laugh throughout the shoot and outfit changes. You will be amazed with the results of her instructions. You will feel totally fem!! Missy does a great job with all the photos and has a supper great eye for matching backgrounds with outfits. When you are done with your fem day you will feel that you made amazing friendships with Missy and Leigh. I can’t thank Missy and Leigh enough for the experience I had both times at TG Miss! I can’t wait for my next visit to TG Miss and to see my two friends Missy and Leigh!!!


Dana ~ January 2018

Wow…wow…wow… It’s the morning after my husband’s (Jasmine) shoot with Missy, Leigh, and Tammy. That’s what I have to say about this amazing experience (and the super sexy photos!) Jasmine has been dressing up for me for around 5 years now and I’ve never seen her look as amazing as she did yesterday! She was so nervous on our way there but Leigh was right there to greet us and give us the grand tour. I think it was great that Missy sat down with us to get to know us and go over what exactly we wanted to accomplish. They have really created a safe and friendly space to let you explore your femininity. Jasmine was apprehensive about opening up about her cross dressing to others and they really made her feel comfortable. Their wardrobe was beyond extensive- so many choices of dresses, wigs, shoes, and accessories! We came with a couple of suitcases and some ideas of the looks we wanted to create for Jasmine. We wound up using quite a bit of their wardrobe too. “The Missy’s” choices were perfect- I never would have thought of Jasmine as a blonde but that will certainly be the next wig we get her! Missy was also so helpful with little tips and tricks we can use at home to make Jasmine look her best including a lesson in how to trim a lace front wig! Once makeup and hair were done we moved in front of the camera. Jasmine is a very shy girl but between the awesome staff at TG Miss (and a couple glasses of wine) she was able to relax. she became comfortable, and had more fun than I’ve seen her have in years. She really opened up and shined thanks to their hard work. It was so much fun to see her up there, and to be able to go up with her for some photos together. We originally booked for 8 hours but were having so much fun we had to extend it! After the shoot it was great to hang out and chat with everyone (including set designer Casey on Skype) to decompress and go over the photos. I was so happy that Jasmine felt confident enough to allow her pictures to be shown on the website. I can’t thank everyone at TG Miss enough for providing this absolutely incredible experience for the love of my life… I almost cried hugging Missy and thanking her! The shoot was all about Jasmine, but I felt that I was part of everything. For anyone reading this who is not sure or scared about going, my advice is just do it! I promise you won’t regret it, and you will leave with new sisters, new confidence, and a new outlook on your girly side.

Jasmine’s wife Sharon ~ December 2017      

My wife has tried to help me feel more comfortable as a girl and suggested we try TG Miss. No one other than her knows nor has ever seen me as a girl, I have been dressing since I was 8 years old, and my wife first saw me dressed around 5 years ago. Being able to have my wife as part of this experience was incredible – the day was all about me but they included her in everything. I was extremely nervous going into my shoot and Missy, Leigh and Tammy’s hard work paid off. Casey joined via Skype towards the end of the shoot and was also very helpful in suggesting poses and encouraging me through the rest of the shoot. They were very encouraging and friendly, I can’t say enough about the support, care and commitment they had in helping me feel comfortable and have a great shoot. Seeing that there are other couples that support each other the same way that my wife and I share helped calm my nerves. The amount of time they spend explaining the process of putting on makeup, helping you pose, and stage presence, made me feel like a beautiful woman. Coming out of this experience I have a lot more confidence in myself as a girl, I even stayed dressed up when we left! They have a large selection of clothes, shoes, wigs, and accessories to choose from. I used this experience to try different colors and styles to see what I want to incorporate into my lifestyle as well. They have a multitude of projected backgrounds in their studio some of which are 3D and are truly amazing. Between what I had brought and what they suggested from their own collection we came up with 6 amazing looks, we left with almost 2000 photos and a feeling of being part of a community . I can’t thank Missy, Leigh and Tammy enough for the experience they gave us.


Jasmine ~ December 2017

Gina is another client who traveled a long way to find out what makes TG Miss so special. She was a lot of fun and told us after having shopped around, TG Miss was the only place she would ever come for photos of the girl she loves to be. She was kind enough to leave us this nice video testimonial…

gina-testimonial from Melisa Ellis on Vimeo.

First off, thank you so much for providing me one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. Though I was very hesitant and nervous on my way in, meeting you and Leigh put me at ease almost immediately. I got a little nervous again when you mentioned another photographer would be joining us, but upon meeting Tammy, I was once again at ease. From start to finish, I don’t think I stopped smiling. Having all of you work with me was so much fun, there was never a dull moment. Your dedication to your craft is top notch and it really showed when I looked at myself in the mirror for the first time. I don’t think my own mother would have recognized me. You took me out of my comfort zone, putting me in outfits that I myself wouldn’t have picked.  But you truly have an eye for it, as I was far happier with the looks that I didn’t pick than I was with some of the ones I did. (In fact, my only regret was not changing stockings for one of the dresses.) I don’t know when I can have another “job interview” and make my way there again, but I sure would love to do it sometime soon. The time truly flew by. In fact, if I hadn’t realized how late it had gotten, I would have been happy to stay and chat with you all for longer! Also, as a side note, I was very pleased with your dedication to client privacy. From the security of the studio to the bare minimum of any sort of paper trail, your setup would please all but the most paranoid. Thank you again. I hope to soon repeat the experience.


Vanessa December 2017

Tammy was nice enough to leave a Video Testimonial for all you girls who want to hear what she thinks about TG Miss

Tammy’s Testimonial from Melisa Ellis on Vimeo.

Vikki Visited the TG Miss Studio and was nice enough to give a Video testimonial. She also sent along a testimonial via email, I hope you will look at both …

I have been fully cross-dressing for several years now and just recently had my first makeover from TG Miss. Let me tell you, it was perhaps one of the best days of my life! I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it and am already planning to make another appointment. They are highly skilled at doing makeup and do an absolutely amazing job bringing out the woman in you. I was impressed at how they were able to come up with such a stunning look for me so quickly. I have been trying my own makeup for years and never before have I been able to achieve a feminine look that would allow me to pass. But the results I got from TG Miss far surpassed my expectations. Not only are they highly skilled, but they are great people who truly do everything they can to make you comfortable and make sure you have the best possible experience. They also offer a large studio and professional equipment to take pictures afterwards, and don’t worry; they’re very helpful at showing you how to pose. The pictures they take are incredible. And if that weren’t enough, they probably own the largest wardrobe, wig, and shoe selection you have ever seen! I chose to do the 3 hour mini shoot, and if I have any regrets; it was not choosing the 8 hour option. The time goes by fast (time flies when you’re having fun!) and I wish I had more time to try on different outfits and take more pictures. So please, take my advice and give yourself more time, you will be glad you did. I am so glad I found this place and only wish I had found it sooner. This is a must try experience for any cross-dressers like myself out there. I can guarantee it will be one of the best experiences of your life.

Vikki November 2017

vikki-testimonial from Melisa Ellis on Vimeo.


WOW!  Truly celebrate your feminine side, take the plunge, and get a TGMiss photo shoot on and then off your bucket list!

Missy and Leigh will get you looking better than you ever thought possible I had so much fun learning how to be a model and how to look my best. It was only at the end of the shoot that I realized I had spent 6 hours standing in a ‘real’ boned corset without passing out. Actually, the corset wasn’t a problem at all.

And the photos, TRULY AWESOME! My spouse said I look 30 years younger and 50 pounds lighter. That puts me under age 30. I felt like Hollywood starlet like Lucy Lawless !

Christie … July 2017

Where to even begin….. I’m a 27 year old man that has a very serious industrial job. I have dressed for a few years on my own, but nothing beyond dressing in itself. I found TG Miss’s website and did a little more research along with looking at the testimonials. And one thing that always seemed to make itself known within the testimonials is that they were “older” women. Well, I am one to say, do not let that fool you being as I am 27. They did more than enough to come up with looks that fit my age and exceeded my expectations!! I, like everyone else was very nervous about the whole thing. But, I finally got there and Leigh met me and just started talking to me like she had known me for years. You walk up to the studio and they literally do give you a full tour and try to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Throughout the entire process, makeup, hair, and clothing they always asked what I was interested in or what I wanted (this being my first time I just let them have full reign and let them do what they thought was best.) And needless to say the outcome was more than expected In my line of work, attention to detail is more than expected. Well I can more than certainly say that Missy and Leigh’s attention to detail is beyond what i would expect. This is one of the, if not the absolute best studios. They will accept you, and by the end of the day you will feel like you have known them for years. They’re one in a million, I assure you! Don’t hesitate, take the plunge!!!!! Missy and Leigh will surpass your every expectation.

Christine … July 2017

Missy, I just want to tell you again how wonderful you and Leigh made my Saturday. It was far beyond my expectations, and as you said the best “girl” day of my life…so far. I am sure I will be back to make an even better one in the future. Thank you both so much!

I am a very part time girl, and am 66 I have been dressing off and on for almost 50 years now, but it seems I enjoy it more than ever now. I can’t believe how young I look in the pictures. I have had a few make overs before, but nothing was even close to the experience at your studio. The number of dresses wigs and accessories available to me just blew my mind. Your attention to detail to make me look so good was fantastic, even when you came on stage and took my wig off, because “it wasn’t doing it for you”. You were right, the one you replaced it was a much better choice than the one that I had picked. You also have a superb knack of picking dresses that made me look great. The green business one that you picked was not something that I would have even taken a second look at, but it resulted in some of my very best pictures.

Leigh had to work hard to bring the inner girl out of me. I appreciated all of the hard work she had to do to make that happen. It took until the last couple of outfits before she had real success in making my girl side shine. I also had no idea how hard it is to pose and make it look good. Posing in heels is much more difficult than just walking in them, and I had never tried posing in heels before. Her encouragement and coaching was a huge part of making this work for me. Leigh was very patient, as I was not really great as following her directions, especially in the beginning. She told me that my calves would get a good workout….I just kind of brushed that comment off at the time, but she was right….it is now two days later and I can still feel it. 🙂

While it was hard work for me, and I am sure for you two as well, it was a very fun and enjoyable day. The eight hours really flew by and I was sad when we were finished and I had changed back into “guy” mode. The pictures really help me relive the day. There are so many great ones, that I haven’t yet picked a favorite. I had thought about doing this many times, but always found an excuse not to do it…I wish I would have done this years ago. I can’t wait until I can visit again. For any of you out there reading this and thinking about it, I say “go for it”. You will have the best girl day of your life, and I am sure you will be like me…making plans to come back as soon as possible. 

Denise… June, 2017

I cannot believe that I’ve known Missy for over 8 years now and have done numerous photo shoots that continue to wow me! As a 55 year old man in real life, I wouldn’t consider myself to be the average guy except by my looks and income. The only thing that separates me from mainstream American culture is that while most of American men are brought up as kids wanting to go to Disney Land and experience a fantasy world filled with fictional cartoon characters and rough tough monsters, I was the odd one who dreamed of being a hot female fashion runway model for a day. As I grew older, that feeling never went away…in fact it only got stronger. The frustrating part for most of us being a part time TG woman is that most of us just spend our time dressing up behind closed doors …being ourselves…by ourselves. Fun ….but nonetheless, very lonely. With TG Miss….you’re never alone!

The excitement in that studio will set your girl soul on fire! I always viewed Halloween as one of those “universal free card days” when most of us can dress up and be someone, or something we’re not in real life, and it only comes once a year… At TG Miss your “Girl Day” is a day (50 weeks a year) where you can express who you really are on the inside without the worry of any social stigmas. With Missy, Leigh, and Casey …you’re among best friends who are your tour guides to help you navigate through to get to your ultimate dream girl self! ….and when you see yourself in TG Miss pictures and video you’ll say…”Wow!!…I can’t believe that’s really ME!” FYI…8 years ago when my wife signed me up for my first photo shoot at TG MISS I was blown away by the (unedited) pictures that Missy took and thought there was nothing that could ever top that!

Since that time Missy & Leigh have perfected to such a high degree that this last shoot left me in total awe! Bottom line…no amount of trips to Disney Land, or other vacation destination ever compares to the exhilaration you’ll feel when you have that TG Miss experience in my book! Ironically in real life I work in healthcare and fill the expected social norms of the drabby male who’s typically shy and non-photogenic (to say the least!). But when I’m at TG Miss?….That all changes just as soon as Missy & Leigh perfect my makeup and that first sexy dress comes on! The experience only gets more exciting as the outfits and hair styles change, and the runway is yours to navigate with your inner female side! So what are you waiting for? Life is too short to be spending it all as that frustrated social norm guy who dresses up alone when there’s a TG woman inside just begging to be let loose on the cat walk!!! Book your shoot today! The only regret you’ll have is that you didn’t listen to your inner TG woman telling you “You need to do this!!!” Best Wishes and hope to see you as the next T-Girl of the week on the TG Miss website! XO Tammy

… February, 2017       

I am 76 years old and had never worn a dress or any other women’s apparel. I was basically a cross dresser in the mind. When I came across the TG Miss website, I just had to come out. Even though it was December, I booked two photo sessions and a long plane flight to Milwaukee. At first I was more afraid of the trip and the weather, but the trip went very well and I then found myself waiting outside the TG Miss studio for my first photo shoot. I was terrified.

Leigh came out to meet me and the fears quickly went away. After meeting Missy and touring the facilities, we talked about what I wanted to do. I was a complete novice. I only brought one pair of panties, the rest was supplied by Missy. She then picked out the outfits I would wear for the days shoot. Then Leigh became my big sister, showing me how to put on bra and helping me dress for each shoot. After a couple of hours of tape and makeup, the first dress went on and I was ready to go -almost. I couldn’t walk in heels so I had to wear flats. With Missy at the controls and Leigh giving posing instructions, the shoot started and I felt wonderful. I found holding poses tiring and after a couple dress sessions I needed a break. After a Bloody Mary and a new outfit I was back on stage when Missy played California Girl an I went from posing to dancing on my own. It was a magical moment as my inner girl came out. I will never forget it. The remainder of the day went fast with posing mixed with free form dancing finishing with a Southern Belle shoot. I felt beautiful.

After a days rest where I practiced walking in borrowed heels in my hotel room the second days shoot was the most fun day of my life. Six different outfits, dancing and posing with Leigh directing and Missy controlling, I felt the girl in me just bursting out. From short dresses to long evening dresses to Victorian hoops, I was in heaven. I cannot understate how wonderful Leigh and Missy were and how they helped me come out. I can’t wait for my next session.

Doreen… December 2016    

If you’re reading this it’s likely you’re here to satisfy an indescribable desire that’s always been with you. You’ve come this far…….now come a little further. You want to see yourself as beautiful….I did. If so, then this is the place of your dreams. Missy and Leigh understand your desire more than you can possibly imagine. They have perfected the craft of MtF transformation with nearly magical results. You will laugh and cry and finally be filled with joy when you see yourself as that beautiful creature you’ve always imagined. They’ll introduce you to her. She’s waiting. All you have to do is call Missy. Don’t hesitate any longer. You won’t regret it.


Stacy…. October 2016        

When I saw all the clothes, wigs and accessories I was totally overwhelmed and felt totally lost but everyone was so helpful that it wasn’t long before we had a bunch of awesome clothes picked out. I headed for the makeup chair, where – again, I didn’t know what I wanted, but with their expertise I  got a look that was great!

The actual shoot went really well and with lots of help posing from Leigh. Some really amazing photos were taken and while I was expecting to panic in front of the camera, the atmosphere was so nice i never came close to panicking.

If nerves are holding you back I’d really recommend just going, because they won’t last long around such friendly and personable people. Many thanks to Missy, Leigh and Joanna who were all so kind, accommodating and just fun to be around. My partner and I had a great time and it meant a lot to us.


… September 2016

I took one look at Missy’s website and I knew I had to go. How often does a chance like this become available? For six weeks I looked forward to my session. I wasn’t anxious… I was excited. Excited to see the outward expression of the young lady inside. Excited to meet people who would accept me for me. Excited for pictures that I could be proud of.


Every expectation I had paled in comparison to the experience I had at the studio. The old saying “love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life”? Absolutely 100% applies to the girls at TG Miss. I was able to spend an amazing evening being myself, being accepted, being encouraged, and being beautiful. Missy and Leigh were the absolute best at what they do. Fantastic, patient, funny… private and professional. From start to finish, I had the best four hours, period.


There are many things in life that are difficult for girls like us. The experience is still very raw for me and the roller coaster of emotions is still riding wild. Of all the pictures they took, I’m almost ashamed to admit that one of my favorite is from early on, before I ever touched a dress or the stage. It shows the detail and time they spend making every girl look uniquely beautiful.

Thank You so much


… August 2016

I have had makeovers at a number of different places, with results ranging from mediocre to good. As soon as I walked in to the studio at TG Miss, I knew this was going to be a very special experience. The studio is in an old mill building in an industrial area, very private and roomy. There is a massive collection of stylish clothes, shoes, accessories and wigs to wear. The makeup is theatrical quality and is applied expertly by the TG Miss team. The digital photography rig is incredible, pro-quality cameras, lighting, digital backdrops, and the 4 monitor graphic editing desk looks like NASA mission control. Missy selects the outfits, and matches wigs, shoes and accessories to ensure the best picture quality. Missy and Leigh were warm, funny and great fun to be around, but still very professional and determined to take great pictures. The whole experience was a blast! I left the studio with over 1200 pictures, some of which I consider the best ever taken of me. I will definitely be back.


Janet… July 2016    

Having not done this before I was nervous. The team at TG Miss was FANTASTIC from helping get things inside to the makeup work, to fashion suggestions, to offering a hand when needed. The work they did was amazing! I couldn’t believe the reflection I saw in the mirror when I was done with the makeup. It made it so easy to smile for all the pictures – the smile was natural. Missy is a great coach and made suggestions that really helped bring things out. My session flew by and I’m really looking forward to my next one. The only downside is that I want to get made up and have pictures taken again soon.


…. October 2015

I have always dreamed of being a princess since I was a boy, and I must say TG Miss studio have helped fulfilled that dream. The wide selection of dresses & gowns helped alot, other makeover studios could not match that. I get to try on 2 Victorian dresses & a wedding gown that actually fits me pretty well.

More than just the dress & makeup, it’s also about the people at TG Miss.

Missy, the dictator & perfectionist, is there to make sure that every detail is right. There are times when the photoshoot was halted for a wig change & touch-up because Missy felt that it doesn’t look right. The photos do indeed turned out better after the change. I chose several sleeveless dresses and ran into “breast issues”. Missy also helped turn that around with her years of experience in dressing.

Leigh, the instructor, provided clear instructions on striking the right poses. When the right smile & poses are captured, she also provides affirming feedback which helps reassures me that I am doing what is right. She also provides invaluable makeup & skincare advice, and ensures that I am well taken care of from the moment I met her at the door to the moment she walks me out of the studio.

Joanna, the photographer, worked relentlessly to make sure that alternate angles and closeup shots are captured, something which the stationary main camera can’t do. Many good photos came out of the camera of Joanna. She also suggested outfits which I could try. I’m glad I have kept an open mind about it, the goth outfit she suggested turned out very well. Never would I have thought that I could rock that outfit.

TG Miss studio provides a very safe environment to experiment with female looks. If you are still considering, drop Missy an email and give a try.

I have truly enjoyed myself being princess for a day at TG Miss, I am sure you will too 🙂

Daphne…. August 2015

 My very first TG Miss shoot was a dream come true for so many reasons!  I never thought my female self-image could be so completely realized. But there she was; Molly, looking back at me in the mirror.

I’d been dressing off and on for years, even venturing out a handful of times. I’ve recently started again, and while doing searches for TG and CD themed websites, I came across, and was immediately impressed by the all-around quality of the pictures; wardrobe, makeup, and photography. After hesitating for too long, I finally contacted Missy and made my appointment.

Missy gave me the tour; it’s a completely professional (and pretty high-tech) studio. Their wardrobe rooms are very full; they can achieve just about any kind of look for you!

I felt like a fashion model being primped and poofed! They take their time because they’re perfectionists, and you’ll have a blast engaging in girl-talk with them. The payoff is worth the wait. I chose not to look in the mirror till they were done: Hello Molly! It was time then to get into bra, breast forms, corset, knickers and hose. And I strongly advise listening to the staff, especially Missy, about “figure-forming”. As with everything else during your makeover, they know what they’re doing.

We did five different outfits and looks, and I was knocked out by all of them! The actual shoot was so much fun! Plenty of upbeat mood-music to go with each scene, including a video if you want to do one! I always felt sexy and pretty, but swung back and forth between innocent and playfully slutty. All the while, Missy, Christa, Joanna and I kept the laughter and girl-talk going.

The time flew by, and I didn’t want it to be over when the time came. But I left with so many beautiful pictures, and the memory of a magical day!

What are you waiting for? E-mail Missy and book your shoot! Right Now!

…. July 2015

I am a 50+ married crossdresser. I began looking at Makeover opportunities within 10 hours of home.  The TG Miss website was a popular hit and Missy’s salon was reasonably close .  I made an appointment for the Full Experience and the Girl Time Experience.  As my appointment approached, I began to get nervous and almost cancelled my appointment.  Missy’s reassuring emails kept me from making what would have been a major mistake!


All that I had read about others who had been to the salon and Missy’s own words that “we are the best in the world at what we do” left me a little sceptical but was I ever wrong.


I was met at the door by Leigh who helped me bring my suitcases upstairs.  There I met Missy and Krista and was immediately put at ease.  The photo shoot that day included 9 hours of shooting in more than six outfits.  The shoot also included a scene that I had proposed to Missy. Leigh and Krista’s attention to detail on the scene was more than I could have expected.  Throughout the shoot all three made sure my needs and safety were being met.  When the night came to a close, I was mentally and physically drained but all three made sure we talked about what had transpired that day and that I was happy.


I can’t say enough about the professionalism of TG Miss and their staff.  They are entirely supportive of your needs and are quick to advise if your requests are practical or best left to fantasy.  Would I recommend them?  YES, YES, YES.


Are they the best in the world?  I haven’t traveled around the world but I doubt there are any who not only do amazing transformations but also take professional photos and do all of it with compassion and understanding.


Missy, Leigh and Krista……thank you so much for looking after me for those two days.  If I am never able to return, I know my memories of those days will last a lifetime.


Linda…. April 2015 

I wanted to write a testimonial of my experiences at TG Miss Studios to anyone who was on the fence about it. (Super late, but better late than never 😉 ). If you are waiting to go to the studio…STOP AND BOOK NOW!!! You will NOT regret it at all. I’ve been dressing as Arwen on occasion since I was a young kid and missed it, not having dressed in the past year. After seeing model after stunning model on the TG Miss site, I had to book my makeover!

I flew into Chicago and drove up from there, not a bad drive at all, but I was both nervous and excited during the whole hour and a half. The directions to the studio were great, and I was greeted by Leigh at the door, who helped me grab my things and then took me up to the studio. Let me tell you, the studio is MASSIVE. After getting comfortable and having a drink, I met Missy and we talked about what kind of look I was looking for. I went with the sexy yet still modest look. I am so glad I did.

We then went through the HUGE selection of clothes in the closet (More clothes than I’ve ever seen in my life!)…which range from every day looks to costumes and bridal gowns. After settling on some good looks from the closet along with some of my own clothes, I got in the makeup chair for what seemed like an eternity (In a good way). Missy explained everything that she was doing and let me look at the progress. I watched as I was literally transformed from a 30-something man to a college-aged woman. After the final touches, I looked in the mirror with a cute wig on, and I was stunned at what I saw. With as many times as I’ve been dressed, I’ve never seen this woman before. She was an absolute knockout!

Next came the time to get dressed and accessorize. Leigh and Joanna helped me into all of my outfits and all the girls helped me accessorize. It was like three sisters helping their little sister get dressed, which was awesome!!! After that, it was time to step on the stage and strut my stuff. Now the girls are absolute pros at bringing out the best in a girl. I thought I knew some things about posing, but I really knew nothing until I got done with my photos!

The real Arwen started to come out as I started to relax and become more confident. I always thought of her as a cute, demure, and shy type of girl, but as I relaxed another side of her took over, which can be seen in some of her photos. She’s become a real diva! That’s a definite side to her that I’ve never known about, that the girls at TG Miss was able to bring out. I’m hoping that I can explore that more in the future!!! I had outfit change after outfit change, pose after pose, dancing, giggles, and all sorts of fun times. Sadly, all good things must come to an end and I had to go back to boy mode. We looked through some of Arwen’s photos and instead of a boy in a dress, I saw a young, confident woman having a blast as she strutted her stuff on the modeling stage. As I said my goodbyes to the Missy, Joanna, and Leigh, I realized that the girls were not only friends who helped me get dressed in women’s clothes, they were sisters who helped another sister see who she truly was and come out, even if for just a day. They are all FANTASTIC and will help you not only see your true beautiful inner woman, but get to know her personality as you become her as well.

When I returned home…I played a trick on a couple of my friends that don’t know about Arwen…I showed them pictures and told them that I met a girl while I was visiting Chicago. The standard reaction was “Wow man, she’s hot! When are you going to see her again?”. I’m hoping I see her very soon :). Arwen will return to the studios (I have a whole closet of costumes Arwen is dying to model) and hopefully it will be very very soon. If you have not booked your makeover, take the leap. Those nervous butterflies go away, and a woman you’ve never seen will emerge…and I’m sure you’re going to like her!

Arwen…. September 2014    

I have been cross dressing for the last 50+ years. 6 months ago I found the TG Miss website. I reviewed everything on the site and wondered if I would ever have strength to do something like that. You see, I have always dressed at home alone and with my genetic girlfriend. I found the strength after 6 months of studying the content and I called Missy for a makeover.


I was met by Leigh at the door and was lead into the fantasies of a life time. I met Missy, Joanna and Kendra and was given the grand tour. We all sat down and discussed what I wanted out of a photo shoot.

After the makeup had started I was amazed what went into it. They took 10+ years off my age!  The rest of the day was just a fantasy. The time went so fast. At the end of the day we discussed the whirl wind that I had gone through. I enjoyed everything and gave hugs to everyone.


I will be doing this again in the future.


Thanks Missy, Leigh, Joanna and Kendra



…. October 2014 & 2015

Everything you see written on the TG Miss page is 100% accurate. I know that from my wonderful experience. First of all, Missy and her staff (Leigh, Joanna, and Kendra) are the friendliest, most helpful people in the world. That your comfort and ease at being a girl are paramount is displayed from the second you meet them to the big hug you give each of them at the end of the session..

They help you choose from literally 1000s of potential outfits by discussing with you what look you are after. The supply of dresses and wigs and shoes and accessories is overwhelming. Then Missy spends a couple of hours with her makeup skills to make one look gorgeous. Believe me, she knows what she is doing.

The stage area, the lighting, the camera, and the computer setup are state of the art. Leigh does wonders in coaching you how to pose in each of the outfits you and they have selected. All this time pictures are being taken; by the time I was done, I had over 1800 photos to take home with me.

Be prepared, though, for work. Being a model is not easy. I was quite tired at the end of the session, but more than satisfied. I then spent a good hour just talking (and decompressing). Like I said, the experience is quite overwhelming in a good way.

To sum it up: If you have been contemplating a session at TG Miss, put it off no longer. You will not regret it. I am already envisioning another session, now that I know what to expect.

Laurette…. September 2104

I’ve had a number of makeovers in the Midwest. I saw the TG Miss website and decided to try a makeover in Wisconsin. The 6 hour drive from my home to TG Miss was well worth the time. The makeover experience was much better than the 5 others I had tried. The staff at TG Miss ( Missy, Leigh and Joanna ) are well practiced and very professional. The  collection of dresses, shoes and wigs blew me away. They dedicated the whole day to helping me become the girl I have always wanted to be. Although I have been photographed before the  experience of Leigh posing me was amazing. She knows how to make you feel and look more lady like. I booked an 8 hour shoot and took home 1400 pictures. I look at my photos almost every day and weeks later I am still amazed how good I look. If you are considering traveling to TG Miss, don’t be afraid to put in a little drive. You are going to have a great time at TG Miss.


PS: I just booked my second shoot at TG Miss  !!!

Amber…. August 2104

TG Miss testimonial from a GG wife

I was so bummed out that I had to work the day that Tammy was getting her second makeover done, and wanted so much to be a part of Tammy’s TGirl Transformation! Tammy had her first makeover 5 years ago with Missy when I encouraged her to go to TG MISS. For several years before that, I had confided in my husband that I felt that he would make a much better looking woman that he did a man, and that I’d felt far more attracted to him in the bedroom if he would allow for his feminine side to emerge as “Tammy” .

Being a GG , of course I had some of the basics down with how to help bring “Tammy” to life, and that was fine for a while, but then I realized that there was more of the puzzle to get “Tammy” to that next highest level of feminine transformation ( without major surgery) …and the ONLY KEY that was missing was ….TG MISS!!! I needed to give her the full expert transformation that I was so desperately looking for to help her look the best ever!!! Call me selfish, but I wanted to have dates with my TG wife (and leave the drabby husband at home!) where we could go out on the town like regular girlfriends and that she would be almost 100% passable to the general public. Missy & Leigh have made all those fantasies so very real and possible!!!

And yes….I actually take a lot of time to look at my TG Wife’s beautiful pictures quite frequently and absolutely cannot believe how awesome Missy & Leigh have made her look!!! As a GG am I any bit jealous that my husband makes an awesome looking TG woman? Of course not! I couldn’t be more happy and proud of how Missy and Leigh can make her look! Talk about killing 2 birds with one stone! Not only is Tammy extremely happy, but so am I! So…Yes I do look so very much forward to getting together with Missy and Leigh to be part of Tammy’s future makeovers, and spend time with some of the nicest most compassionate friends who understand people like Tammy!

So what are you waiting for? Call Missy today and book the experience of your lifetime! Feel free to contact us thru Missy if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to have a little TG chat. Obviously if your reading this, you’ve probably have been to Missy’s fabby fem website several times now ,and the drag dreams just keep getting more exciting , as Missy & Leigh transform some of the most basic drabby males into the most beautiful and sexy T-girls around! I truly believe that if Missy & Leigh can make my TG-wife pretty, they can transform any male body size or type to the most feminine and beautiful you that will forever cherish! So as you sit and look at the hot TG’s on the webpage which you’ve probably have been to several times by now, just think…. your could be one of those who are sitting there a little scared, but dreaming about the kind of TGirl you’d like to be. ….Well stop dreaming about it and make your TG Fantasies come TRUE!!!

Peace and Happiness!

Jess…. June 2014  

Where to start?

“When I first exchanged emails with Missy several months ago, I told her I was fascinated by the photography on her web site TG Miss.  After all, I saw photo after photo of gorgeous women – I spent hours staring at them all.  I wondered if this was some sort of trick photography.  But Missy assured me it was all real, just professional make-up and photography at its best!  I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical …  after all I just turned 60, and I was sure my best girl days were behind me.

 After we scheduled my day long session I started to become anxious…  I’d be traveling half way cross the country from my home in California… Missy seemed genuine, but how much do you know about someone after exchanging emails?  I carefully read all of the previous testimonials… how she made her clients feel at ease, comfortable, relaxed…

 I was more than a little apprehensive when Missy brought me into the studio and gave me a tour.  I’d expected to see a wide array of clothing, shoes and wigs, but what really amazed me was unbelievable array of computer assisted photography and video equipment.  As others have mentioned here, Missy, Leigh and Jo were exceptionally welcoming and friendly, immediately putting me at ease.  But the amount of hard work they all put into my photo shoot, non-stop for nine hours, was astonishing, with pretty much no breaks.

 They worked so hard to make me look my very best.  Expertly applied make-up by Missy and Leigh.  Outfits perfectly selected and coordinated. 

 And finally I have to mention the videos.  With little fanfare, Missy also made several videos of the shoot, in one of which Leigh is trying (with minimal success) to teach me how to dance as a woman!  If Missy uploads it, you can see it for yourself…thank goodness they let me wear flats, otherwise I would have broken my neck!

In the end it was a tremendous experience, well worth the time and effort.  And the photos were unbelievable… I still can’t believe it’s really me in the photos.  Thank you Missy for such a great day.”

Kayla…. May 2014

Well, after 30+ years I have finally made my fantasies a reality with the help of everyone at TG Miss. I cross dressed in secret my entire life, telling myself this was too weird.  About 10 years ago I found the guts to tell my wife about my urges to crossdress. We have become closer and our bedroom life has been great. I always wanted to know what I could look like if I ever received a total transformation, could I pass in public? This returns me to TG Miss. I googled transvestite transformations and TG Miss popped up. I was engulfed and very excited, I was drawn to the site over and over again. Then I said to myself, you better do this before your too damn old.

I emailed Missy and she quickly responded and made me feel very comfortable. We scheduled a session at 12 noon and she gave me the address. That morning my nerves were shot, butterflies the whole works. I knew I had to do this, I owed it to myself. I arrived at noon and felt very safe, great neighborhood and secluded parking. I called Missy from the parking lot and her assistant Leigh came down to walk me in.

Still very nervous, I had no idea what to expect. I then met Missy, and had a tour of the studio, all I can say is you have to see it for yourself. Totally professional, from the photo studio, to the makeup section, 100’s of wigs, shoes, dresses and jewelry. Just amazing! I was feeling less nervous and had a sense of happiness. These wonderful people really care and made me feel normal.

On to the makeup, I could have sat there all day; Missy took my old face and transformed it, younger and sexy. I could not believe how great I looked. Missy is truly an artist.  Leigh then transformed my lips, red and lush.

After the makeup Leigh and Joanna helped me into my first outfit, wig, shoes and jewelry, these two wonderful women made me feel very comfortable and warm. Every mirror I walked by I had to do a double take. I felt sexy and erotic.

The photo shoot was amazing; everyone helped me with smiling and not feeling too awkward. I loved the way Leigh took the time to explain everything to me and show me how to pose. Time just flew by; they changed my outfit, wigs, heels and jewelry numerous times. I was in heaven, it felt so good. I now felt what I was doing was natural and not weird. After the shoot, we just relaxed, talked and started making a relationship. They then helped me into an outfit, wig and shoes which I brought with me and touched up my makeup. We said our goodbyes and Missy walked me out. It was the first time for me being in total drag in public. It was wonderful, as I knew I could pass from a distance, I could not get enough, I did not want the night to end. I will be spending hours looking at the pictures that were taken.

In closing, I have to tell everyone that Missy, Joanna and Leigh are just wonderful and caring people, I assure you they do not do this for the money, it is their passion.

Starla…. November 2013    

Thinking about a visit to the TG Miss studio are we? Stop thinking… Start packing! The directions to the studio (after I got them) were easy to follow. TG Miss is careful to screen clients for the protection of all. The first thing i noticed about TGMiss is that there is no welcome mat.. its a long, plush, sexy, … wait for it… RED CARPET baby! You will be personally ushered into Missy’s hand hewn Shangri-La. I was given a tour of the studio, assisted in finding my bearings, and chatted up about my expectations for the day. Missy is sincerely interested in knowing what kind of look you want, what you have tried and liked, what hasn’t worked for you, and will use your input to infuse your experience.

The makeup session was an awesome experience. At home I have a couple foundations that I like, some purple eyeshadow (i like purple a lot), one blush, one eyebrow pencil and some lipstick (guess what color). Missy has an arsenal at her disposal and she knows how to use it! “good enough” and “I guess that will do” are not in Missy’s vocabulary. The Makeup application will be stunning, end of story.

Tired of going through your wardrobe over and over and finding nothing to wear? Not going to be an issue dear, Missy has dresses, a lot of them, gowns, blouses, outfits, shawls, wraps, cover ups, DIG IN GIRL! Worried about how to pose for a photo? Me too, but should not have been, Leigh totally had my back, step by step, it was a breeze. The stage is so professional it is a thrill just to be up there. The photo’s turned out wonderfully, I found so many that I can not wait to share.

I am going to have a t-shirt made that says, “I went to TG MISS and all i lost was a few inhibitions.” What did i gain? I found a new Anthem, caring new people, and a cute little spring in my step. Listen to that little voice in your head, go see Missy, you owe it to yourself.

Abigail….October 2013

My job had me traveling to the Chicago metro area recently, so I took advantage of the situation and scheduled a makeover and photo shoot at TG Miss.  My experience at TG Miss was absolutely nothing short of spectacular!

Beginning with checking out the website (which is very well organized and detailed) the whole service is very professional. The owner, Missy, is very understanding and she replied immediately to my very first email and quickly answered my questions.  I set my appointment, and the proper time Missy met me at the door to her shop and guided me in. I was set at ease immediately by her friendly and very understanding manner.

Right away I met Missy’s assistant Joanna.  We all had a lovely talk about my expectations for the day and my preferences, then they gave me a tour of the studio….it’s just amazing!  There are over 1000 of dresses in all styles and sizes, dozens and dozens of shoes, wigs galore, and racks and racks of jewelry and hair bling….it’s a girls fantasy playhouse!  We picked out a few outfits for the photo shoot, and then my transformation began.  In their private changing room I discarded all my boy clothes and got partially dressed.  Missy then gave me a protective garment, then she applied my makeup. One of the things I specifically asked Missy about was helping me choosing makeup colors and teach me application techniques.  Missy explained everything she was doing every step of the way, while Jo took pictures of the makeover as we went along and kept notes about the products.  I felt really pampered by the individual attention and thrilled at everything that was happening to me, it really was a dream come true. When Missy had finished and I had a look at the new me, I could hardly believe it, it was so wonderful! I truly felt I finally looked like who I had always wanted to be. Missy really made this 60 year old look pretty and beautiful, and made me feel totally feminine.  I was absolutely thrilled about the personal attention.  Missy and Jo repeated often that this day was all about ME!  And they went out of their way to prove it.

About the time the makeover was complete, Missy’s other assistant Leigh arrived.  Leigh was an absolute delight!  Her job is to pose and coach the girls during the photo shoot, help pick out accessories and shoes, and to instruct the girls in feminine mannerisms.  She is great! The photo session was amazing….with the help of Leigh and Jo, Missy, was able to bring out the real woman in me.  I truly did feel like Keri and I believe the quality and variety of the photos showed that.  I left that day with over 1000 photos on digital media. 

The whole day was like being in heaven! I hardly noticed as the hours passed away and I was a bit disappointed when it was time to take off the makeup. All in all it was the perfect experience that I very much look forward to repeating.

Keri…. April 2013 


“There’s no doubt about it TG MISS enabled me to discover the woman I always knew was inside. My transformation session with Missy was one of the most incredible moments of my life, and certainly the single most important step towards discovering my feminine identity. I’d never really seen the woman I could be until the day of my transformation, but when I saw the true me in the mirror for the first time, I saw the beautiful woman I’d always dreamed of being. From the moment I arrived, it was as though Missy and I were old friends. She set me at ease, and guided me through the process with care. She was encouraging and offered a number of suggestions and ideas. Her studio is a girls dream; filled with everything you need to become beautiful; as many wigs in as wide a variety of colors and styles as you can imagine; make-up, jewelry, clothing-it’s all there for the asking. Missy and Leigh were so fun to work with and it is amazing to see the photos from beginning to end, from the awkward girl in the beginning to the confident woman at the end. I’m not sure who was having more fun, me or Leigh. It truly was an amazing experience and I hope to be able to make another trip soon to enjoy the experience again.”

 Melody…. March 2013

Missy, I had the most wonderful day doing my makeover / photo-shoot with you and Miss Leigh. It was everything I imagined for my special day. From the makeup to the scores of dresses and heels to choose from it was phenomenal in every way. I love the way you pamper your customers and make our day something special.

Bree…. February 2013       


I just recently finished my second trip to TG Miss. My first time was training for my own makeup application and the second was for photo shoot. I can’t tell you what a tremendous experience both visits were. For my makeup training session, Missy and Leigh both took the time to make sure I was comfortable and enjoyed my time with them. I learned so much about my own makeup application. My skills at applying my makeup jumped exponentially. But what was the best part was the treatment I received. As time went on we became friends. After such a wonderful experience I realized how much fun a photo shoot would be. I scheduled my photo shoot and I can say it was a wonderful experience. Missy, Leigh and I spent the day trying different outfits and looks. At the end of the day I was exhausted. I went home with over 1,000 photos. The photos are incredible. I never realized how good I could look. Missy brought out the best in me with the makeover and Leigh taught me so much about how to present myself in from of the camera. As valuable as the photos are to me, the memories are the most important. Missy and Leigh made this my day. And it’s a day I’ll never forget. I look forward to scheduling another session in the future. Missy and Leigh are truly professionals in every sense of the word. I can’t say enough about them!


Beth… February 2013

Photo from Beth's 6th shoot in 2018

I was sold on having the makeover and photo shoot at TG MISS before I had even spoke to Missy! There is nothing that is said on TG MISS that did not come true; everything promised was delivered with great taste! We had been in contact many times, both on the phone, and thru emails because I didn’t want to forget anything, and I just wanted everything to be perfect. We had become very close friends before we had even met! I arrived about 45 minutes before I was scheduled to be there! Missy had greeted me as if she had known me all my life, and the feeling was mutual! Missy introduced me to her very funny close friend and assistant Jo. The three of us had a great time even though it was a very hot and humid day !~ I brought a wedding dress that I had purchased months earlier from a young woman in the UK, and we decided to get that out of the way first , while it was still cool ! With Missy’s talent with make up and her accessories, I was able to be a complete Bride. Missy was also able to catch my emotions on film of a very happy, teary eyed Bride on the happiest day of her life, her wedding day! I had experienced first hand all the emotions, and I felt them throughout my whole body! Missy never once referred to me as anything but the female that was standing there in front of them! It was either by my fem name, her or she! With Missy and Jo being their comical and very funny selves, it would be impossible for anyone not to forget who they were and to just relax! I was in stitches, and we have the pictures to prove it! It felt as though a switch inside of me had been turned on, poses, hand gestures, facial expressions just seemed to just flow naturally from me! When it was getting close to the end of my shoot, I told Missy that I was having way too much fun to stop now, so we continued! The day spent at TG MISS helped me to deal with a part of my life that I could not handle prior. Missy found and rescued me from my own imprisonment, and I have never been as happy in life as I am now, and I owe it to TG Miss

Thank You,

Suzzanna… June 2010

TG Miss just performed my makeover and what an experience it was for me. Not only did they do a photo shoot for me but they were able to make me feel at easy, made it a fun time and made me look like the woman I always dreamed about but never thought I could look like and be. Missy’s knowledge of makeup, how to make my outfit look good and sense of humor instilled in me confidence and allowed me to relax and have a good time. Their knowledge of makeup were almost to the point of genius, they was able to reduce my age almost 25 years and instructed me in the why’s and how’s so I could recreate the makeup miracle on my own. The eye for detail while taking the photos created shots that were breathtaking with both atmosphere and grace. The makeover experience will be something I will remember for the rest of my life and would recommend anyone thinking about doing a makeover to contact TG Miss for your makeover. Thank you Missy,


With love and Hugs, Bobbie Jane

…. August 2007

 I’m a natural writer and usually can cut to the heart of a matter fairly easily, but I am having a hard time with this testimonial as it is truly difficult to communicate how wonderful it is to spend time at TG Miss. Every component of the experience is first-rate: the makeover, the clothes/wigs/jewelry, the photography, the staff, the set, the friendly/fun conversation, the safe neighborhood and discreet location. Adding all those up still does not scratch the surface of what you will experience there. It is like returning to the home base of your femininity you never knew you had. There you are totally accepted, honored, and treated like a sister; no rushing, no salesmanship, no superficiality. Instead, music plays in the background; food and refreshments are at hand; an easy interplay of conversation and gentle joke-telling passes the preparation time before all is ready for the photo shoot. Missy has created an environment that is fundamentally humane and not commercial; I know I would return there even if no photographs were taken. She cares as much for your state of mind as your makeover. She has given her studio her all, with great thought and caring, and if anyone leaves there without having been transformed in more ways than the visual, well, they just don’t have the heart, mind and soul of a true transwoman.

Mindy… March 2007

First of all, I wholeheartedly endorse the comments made in other testimonials on this page. They’re really all true. Reading them even now is like reliving the experience I had in Missy’s wonderful studio. Like others who have been there (and probably some of you at this point), I had never before been in front of someone else while wearing a bra, panties, a dress and heels. Uncertain beforehand about how I would handle that, I didn’t give it a second thought after I arrived. Missy and her assistant, Leigh, created such a comfortable environment that I didn’t hesitate opening the dressing room door and walking over to the makeup chair where they were waiting. Once in front of the TG camera, I was surprised at how relaxed I was letting the girl inside express herself on that stage. Getting a small taste of what it must feel like to be a model was one of the things that I will never forget about the day. Throughout it all, I didn’t once feel out of place or embarrassed. I wasn’t acting; it was all so natural, so right. Missy and Leigh knew how to reinforce this, and we chatted and laughed like three girlfriends — without any effort avoiding the use of male pronouns — all day. As we talked before I prepared for the makeover and shoot, I half-jokingly asked Missy if she would take a few years off my life for the photos. She ensured me that she could…and she did! After each wardrobe change, each time that Leigh touched up my hair, I stopped at the full-length mirror and looked into the eyes of the girl there. Those were, perhaps, the most influential moments of the nine hours I spent in the studio. As we eventually hugged and said “goodbye,” I thanked Missy and Leigh for showing me that I could take that next step into the real world, be it shopping with friends, out for dinner or at a convention. Once “silly dreams,” both are now goals. And that means so, so much.

Coleen… November 2012    

Dear Missy and David….

Well, you two are just awesome.  For days, I worried about making the trip to your studio.  My nerves were to the point of causing stomach cramps, not knowing what to expect.

I didn’t know how to act when you invited me inside…was actually feeling embarrassed to be there.  Here I am, a man going to complete strangers and wanting them to make me into a beautiful woman.  I am thinking to myself…geeze they must be thinking I am out of my mind wanting to do this.  Well, most of my fears were downsized big time as soon as Missy met me at the door…she was so pretty and so very kind.  Immediately she started talking and taking over the situation so that I didn’t even have to think about being afraid of doing the one thing I have wanted for so long hair professional makeover.

Within minutes of my arrival I had met David and then we all walked around the studio. They explained in detail what we would be doing for the next several hours as I explored each room.  The three of us then sat down and just shot the breeze, it was very relaxing. They asked what kind of look I was going to try to achieve that night…what I liked, what type of clothing I liked best, everything from wig colors and styles, to shoes or boots.  I was amazed when they showed me the racks of dresses, short, long, slinky, long sleeved, short, sweaters, jackets, shoes of all styles, sexy boots…I was in heaven!

After a time of chat, Missy took me into the salon room where she started the prep work for David.  Soon the two of them were discussing and doing the hands on treatment and bingo, my transformation was underway…It was just so kewl the way the two of them made me feel comfortable…laughing, joking, and giving each other the business in great fun.  I think it was a couple hours later, my makeup was done and what was so nice was that they explained in detail what they were doing and showed me in the mirror how to do it myself.  They actually took pictures for me to see the process and yes, I was able to keep them all too.

Finally, it came time for the wig…and let me tell you, that was like putting the frosting on the cake!  Once the wig was on I can not describe the feeling a girl gets…especially when I was able to see myself in the mirror…all of a sudden I forgot about where I was, and even forgot about my poor dog who was in the other room that they were so kind to let me keep inside while I was being treated like a lady.  I felt beautiful for the first time ever…I can not describe it girls.  No way to tell you, you have to feel it…and I did for sure. 

Then, thinking that I was already heaven, it came time to put on a sexy dress with thigh high boots…wow…the feeling got even better…in no time, after special care in setting the right backdrops, candles and music the shutter of the camera started clicking…both Missy and David giving advice how to pose, from feet location to tilting of my head…I was finding out that professional models earned their money….but damn…it was fun and exciting to try it.  

Looking back now, my hat goes off to the girls like Missy, Angel, Mikki, Nikki, Celeste just to name a few of the TG MISS family…gads, they look so beautiful and natural in their pictures…I sure hope that on my next visit I will be better at it for sure…and yes, there will be a next time…well worth it girls…like the commercial says…priceless.

The next several hours were spent with different choices of dresses, shoes, jewelry, wigs, and more importantly…with two new friends.  Even though both David and Missy said they would go for more changes and more pictures, it was time to call it a night…reluctantly though.  It was like being in a women’s clothing store with thousands of dresses and looks to try, but best to save it for another trip.

Before leaving David and Missy, the three of us sat and ate pizza and a beverage before saying our goodbyes… Not wanting to waste a perfect makeover, I slipped into a dress of my own for the ride back to a motel…and yes, I glanced at the mirror lots to see the lady looking back at me…what a feeling. 

If any of you girls reading this have any questions, any reluctance or even feelings of fear about doing this…forget it.  These two people know what they are doing; they see us walk in their doors like little scared girls or boys … and with all their magic, they see beautiful Ladies walk out proudly.  I am still filled with joy that I did it and am still looking at the hundreds of pictures to prove that I did indeed do it!

Thanks once again David and Missy…see you soon I promise.

Jamie…. June 2006

What drew me to TG Miss was the quality of the photographs on the web site. When I got there and saw everything they had I understood why the pictures were so good. Missy and Leigh do everything they can to make sure you get pictures that will wow you. It was refreshing to have a GG around that was totally comfortable around me as a crossdresser. Her helping me with poses while Missy clicked away , adjusted lighting , modified backgrounds and edited pictures. They worked so hard to make sure I was the glamour girl I could be. The options were mind boggling .I could have spent a day just deciding before my photo shoot. If you want wild they can give you wild like nothing you have ever seen. It was by far the most complex photography setup I have ever seen for a Transformation session. Ask and you shall receive. Missy was not a clock watcher either. We ran over about 45 minutes. When all was said and done I had over 500 pictures and left dressed and made up sexy.. What more could a tgirl ask for ?

Kelly… October 2011        

“If you have ever fantasized about having a glamour makeover/photo- shoot, I would highly recommend a visit to TG Miss. Missy and David will treat you to an experience you won’t forget. I was fortunate enough to have Missy’s good friend Joanna from the UK at my shoot. She did some of the camera work and was a delight to be with. Definitely plan on a full 6 or 7 hours–you will get hundreds of pictures and lots of different looks. When you take that many pictures, you will surely get a good sample of truly awesome shots. Missy and David will make you feel at ease and their sense of humor will keep you smiling for the camera. They treat you like family not just a customer. I expected it to be fun but it was even more of a blast than I imagined.” 

Betty… March 2008

For over 40 years, with only a couple minor exceptions, my femme side has been my own secret. When I decided it was finally time for Mikki to come out and play, my careful research pointed me to TG MISS. I never made a better decision. Now, I know a lot of people just want the “bottom line”. Well, here it is. Take whatever the greatest superlative you can think of to finish this sentence, “My makeover experience was ______________.”, and I guarantee you the words will fall short. My superlative was…the girly Promised Land and that doesn’t start to cover my day at TG MISS.  For those that like detail, I could write a book. This was my virgin voyage, so to speak, into the world of cross-dressing outside of my home. My anxiety level was off the charts. Each contact I had with Missy, though, left me more and more prepared and excited for the big day. Be that as it may, I had no idea what a life altering day this would turn out to be.  You want detail? How about Missy and David sat down and really tried to get to know me and put me at ease before we got started. How about a complete head-to-toe makeover lasting over two hours complete with take-home tutorial. How about constant makeup touchups and changes over the next four hours. How about numerous wardrobe and shoe changes and hundreds and hundreds of pictures with various backgrounds and lighting (which, by the way, you get to keep).  You want detail? How about a great sound system that had everyone dancing. How about great entertainment (the web site isn’t kidding about the Missy and David show). How about great snacks and just about any beverage you could want.  You want detail? How about a beautiful proprietress (Missy) that knows your every need. How about a beautiful TG Girl Friday (Angel) that takes care of your every need. How about a world class makeup artist (David) who also is well versed in dozens of subjects.  You want detail? Here’s the last one. You get friends that genuinely care about you and want you to have the cross-dressing experience of a lifetime…THE GIRLY PROMISED LAND!  Missy, David and Angel, thank you soooooooo much. I will be back.

  Mikki… February 2011      

It is the eve of New Years and Christmas is already behind us. As it is a time of giving I thought that I would pass out my positive endorsement for TG Miss! I have visited your site a few times and I am very impressed at the turnout. Great job!!! To say that I had a wonderful time with Missy and David is to put it lightly. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try out Missy, David and all the friends at TG Miss you are missing out. I myself have been a discreet CDer now for some time (I’m lucky to have a loving and accepting wife). I have always dabbled in the art of makeup perfection but even with help from the wife, I have never been absolutely sold on a look. After meeting Missy online she convinced me to give her a try. She had just gotten started at her new studio and I figured what the hell. I wasn’t disappointed. Not only do you get a full makeover, huge selection of clothing, and excellent friendly service, you also get a full comedy show. David and Missy are always at it making it easy to feel comfortable. With all the glam, clothes, and camera shooting, you soon fall into role and before you know it you have spent half the day there. Helpful suggestions are handed out by the dozen. Lots of different styles are tried and tons of pictures are taken for you to cherish. Again I would like to thank Missy and David for a wonderful time and I look forward to our next meeting.

…. December 2006